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Success comes from demonstrating to yourself that you make choices that lead to your big wants.
He wants to control growth of the area by controlling multi-family condominiums and apartments in the Montrose area.
Both the partner who wants to defer gains and the partner who wants cash can achieve their goals through an election under 7RC Section 761(a).
It's not uncommon to assume--mistakenly--that everybody wants to feel empowered and to influence his or her areas of responsibility.
President Bush wants to ease laws that ban oil, mining, and logging companies from public lands.
I had been directing television dramas since 1954 and I was being hailed as the best director in television, so it was only natural for me to want to make dramas when it came to film.
Dependable Dan actually wants to hang out with you.
John has applied unsuccessfully for his old position, finds himself in a professional limbo, and suspects, from her callous treatment of him, that Pamela wants him out.
Unfortunately, during the interim, other officers in the same or another jurisdiction may have contact with the individual without even realizing that the individual has outstanding wants or warrants.
Journalist went loco (sorry) over Ricky Martin's livin' la vida line late last year (see Free Press, December), and now are applying their pun abilities to "who wants to be," as in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"--ABC's hit game show--and "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?
Ironically, Malakhov wants to become a veterinarian when he retires from ballet.
In his essay "Can it be the 'Most Wanted Painting' even if nobody wants it?
It wants federal law regarding pensions simplified.