want for (something)

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want for (something)

To lack something. Please don't get the kids any more toys, Mom—they really want for nothing.
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want someone for something

1. to desire someone for some job or purpose. I want Fred for my team. We all want you for a candidate.
2. to hunt or seek someone as a criminal suspect. The police want Max for questioning. They want him for a number of crimes.
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want something for someone or something

to desire to have something for someone or something. I want a gift for my wife. What would you suggest? I want a button for my shirt.
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want for something

Fig. to lack something; to need something. I certainly don't want for advice. In fact, I have had too much. We don't want for helpers around here.
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want for

1. To desire something for the benefit of someone: I want only the best for you.
2. To have need of something: Those kids will never want for money. After many hours, the stranded tourists were wanting for food.
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