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find (something) wanting

To discover or determine that someone or something is deficient in certain or overall requirements, expectations, or standards. The report found the government's stimulus plan wanting in several key areas. Though impressed by his application letter, the firm found his C.V. wanting. Mary was found wanting in basic social etiquette by her peers.
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want to curl up and die

To wish one could have an escape or some instant relief from being mortified or extremely embarrassed. Hershel just asked me out in the middle of class in front of everyone. I want to curl up and die. After my presentation, I realized my fly had been down the whole time, and I wanted to curl up and die.
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WANTING THE JOB: "Immediately after I had stepped down as Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, I distinctly remember the thought crossing my mind.
Without the wanting, there would be no malls, no factories or design studios working feverishly to replace one hot item with the next, none of the associated jobs.
The group wanting a PFS designation was slightly more concerned with state restrictions on their ability to promote their certification than was the PFS group.
From the kids wanting something for their baby brothers and sisters who won't be getting any presents this year because no matter how hard mommy and daddy work, there doesn't seem to be enough money for things like that.
Using Infranet, it can quickly deploy branded and customized services for large corporations wanting to offer communications and Internet services to their customers," commented Ian Perry, vice president of Portal Software, Europe.
Since Fischer auctioned his forehead for a one-month, $37,000 price tag, countless of others have contacted the company, wanting to show off their talents, possibly for their next big break.
But then I started driving and wanting to go out and they pretty much made tennis the No.
Worthan and Jennings coordinate the help, but will never be wanting for new cases.
Only a handful of open enrollment requests cited a school's athletic programs as the reason for wanting the transfer, Allmandinger said.
He's totally preoccupied with physically not wanting to be hurt.
She thought it was an earthquake, and her neighbors in and around the 4200 block of Blackwood Street where she lives rushed out of their homes, bewildered and wanting to know what had happened.