want for (something)

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want for (something)

To lack something. Please don't get the kids any more toys, Mom—they really want for nothing.
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want someone for something

1. to desire someone for some job or purpose. I want Fred for my team. We all want you for a candidate.
2. to hunt or seek someone as a criminal suspect. The police want Max for questioning. They want him for a number of crimes.
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want something for someone or something

to desire to have something for someone or something. I want a gift for my wife. What would you suggest? I want a button for my shirt.
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want for something

Fig. to lack something; to need something. I certainly don't want for advice. In fact, I have had too much. We don't want for helpers around here.
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want for

1. To desire something for the benefit of someone: I want only the best for you.
2. To have need of something: Those kids will never want for money. After many hours, the stranded tourists were wanting for food.
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Ref: 19100322840 Richard Cullinane, aged 35, is wanted for recall to prison.
| Reference: 1900054342 Amir Khan, 26, of Cathays, Cardiff, is wanted for alleged drug offences.
Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a man wanted for 16 financial cases worth Dh328.5 million after he evaded arrest for two months, a police official said.
They were wanted for a string of offences including assault, burglary, affray and breach of bail.
The fifth was wanted for Amman's prosecutor under a red notice issued against him, shortly after he left Jordan.
SHANE MULLEN Wanted for: Robbery Born: February 21, 1994
Joel Pagdilao announced the arrest of six men wanted for robbery and two for selling drugs from Oct.
Alleged Albanian gangster Dritan Rexhepi, 32, is wanted for shooting dead two police officers in his homeland in 1999.
A gallery of police targets, including suspects wanted for questioning over murders, child molesting and sex attacks, has been revealed to the public by detectives who want help to track them down.
Wanted for questioning not only by the Metropolitan Police but by officers from the Dyfed-Powys force and police in Denmark, he is linked to a pounds 100,000 theft from the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.
JW: I think that was something that artists both had and hadn't wanted for a long time previously.
Due to the heavy workload from combining the requirements for auditing and validating records, as well as confirming "hits," some agencies simply do not promptly enter persons wanted for minor violations and only enter those persons wanted for more serious crimes.
Six of the suspects were wanted for murders in their home countries.
Colecozy is wanted for false imprisonment and causing actual bodily harm during a domestic incident in June this year, in Liverpool.