want out of

want out of (something)

1. To wish to exit or depart some place. Sorry, I want out of this steam room—it's way too hot for me! I think the dog wants out of the house. He's been scratching on that door for 10 minutes.
2. To desire to be excluded from or no longer involved in something, such as a project, plan, undertaking, etc. Whatever harebrained scheme you're cooking up, I want out of it! A number of senior developers indicated that they wanted out of the project well before it was anywhere close to being completed.
3. To wish to no longer be in a relationship. I just hate being constrained by a boyfriend's expectations and demands, and I invariably want out of the relationship after the first year or so. I hope I'm wrong, but I think he wants out of the marriage.
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want someone or something out of something

to desire that someone or something leave or be removed from something or some place. I want you out of here immediately. I want this box out of here now!
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