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She heard of the Hampton system of education, and decided that this was what she wanted in order to prepare herself for better work in the South.
We wanted to teach the students how to bathe; how to care for their teeth and clothing.
"Well, he only wants to read--that's what he says."
"Wants to read, does he?--ain't satisfied with a thousand candles,
In a way she still did not know whether or not she wanted him to come.
That was not what she wanted but it was so the young man had interpreted her approach to him, and so anxious was she to achieve something else that she made no resistance.
When the bride saw it she wanted to have it, but the maid would only give it her on condition that she should sleep for the third time by the Prince's door.
And now hain't he owned up that you remind him of somethin' he wants ter forget?
I have nothing to do with William's wants, but it really is of very great importance that I should see Knightley today; and it becomes a matter, therefore, of very serious inconvenience that I should have had this hot walk to no purpose."
"Thank you, thank you.This is just what I wanted to be assured of.
Then, as we have many wants, and many persons are needed to supply them, one takes a helper for one purpose and another for another; and when these partners and helpers are gathered together in one habitation the body of inhabitants is termed a State.
He disliked her, and yet, he knew not why, he wanted to be with her.
"After that he often came to see me, and when my mouth was healed the other breaker, Job, they called him, went on training me; he was steady and thoughtful, and I soon learned what he wanted."
Waiting, in silence, would have been agreeable enough, for I was full of matter for reflection, and wanted to give it a chance to work.
But anyway, the politicians who ran it were short of torch-bearers, and anybody who would parade could get drunk if he wanted to.)