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Figuring out how to get myself to do more of what really mattered was confusing until I made the distinction between little wants and big wants.
Both the partner who wants to defer gains and the partner who wants cash can achieve their goals through an election under 7RC Section 761(a).
Yet Rick's situation involves not lack of authority or expertise--they are adequately trained, have the necessary skills, and he wants them to take ownership--but lack of willingness on the part of subordinates to accept the level of empowerment offered by their manager.
He wants her to be his voice now, to speak the truth no one wants to hear, to turn the world upside down with the awareness she knows to be true but that she cannot prove: Jesus lives.
When a dog needs a turn for the better, I want to be the one responsible.
He said something like, "I only want to make movies from now on.
WHAT HE DOES Me-Me-Me Boy has no clue what you want to do Saturday or how your chem test went, nor does he care.
John has applied unsuccessfully for his old position, finds himself in a professional limbo, and suspects, from her callous treatment of him, that Pamela wants him out.
For if we didn't ceaselessly want new things, there would be little to sell or cart about.
We were looking for a way to say, "No, we don't want 14 malnourished children.
We admit we're in a very difficult spot, and the vendors rightfully want to know how the future looks to us and what our plans are.
Young: Still, you can be as detailed as you want, and you won't get anywhere unless everyone is willing to work together to get it done.
they want to know more and more about a wider array of topics, and they want to know it in a hurry.
Gary Murray, the North West regional manager of Crimestoppers, said: "Most Wanted appeals to the nation's armchair detectives - those who want to help fight crime from the safety of their own home and, above all else, anonymously.
Part of this is no doubt the old television argument that audiences want to look at pretty people.