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wangle (one's) way into (someplace or some situation)

To succeed in entering some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. I didn't think we'd be able to do it, but after Rajesh talked to the bouncer, we were able to wangle our way into the night club. I've been trying to wangle my way into the honors course at Harvard all year, but so far, nothing has helped.
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wangle someone into (someplace or some situation)

To succeed in getting someone into some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. It turned out that Rajesh knew the bouncer at the club, so he was able to wangle us into the place even though we weren't on the guest list. I don't know how I let Jeff wangle me into looking after his dogs this weekend—I don't even like dogs!
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wangle out of something

Fig. to get out of having to do something; to argue or deceive one's way out of a responsibility. Don't try to wangle out of this mess. You must stay and fix the problems you made. Mary managed to wangle out of staying late again.
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wangle something from someone

 and wangle something Out of someone
Fig. to obtain, through argument or deception, something from someone. Are you trying to wangle money from me? You can't wangle any money out of me.
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My friend and fellow Harvard Crimson editor, Anthony Lewis, the future New York Times columnist, wangled us passage for $50 each aboard a coal freighter bound for Le Havre.
She wanted Cohen to come to America, for instance, so she wangled her a Juilliard scholarship and came up with five hundred dollars, then traded in the first-class airline ticket given her by Rebekah Harkness, for whose company she was mounting a work, and got two economy tickets.
WANGLED "I signed for Killie last January and was on the bench for the games with Aberdeen and Dunfermline before making my debut in the League Cup semi-final win over Ayr.
HAVING toured Italy in an Alfa Romeo Spider for the BBC, Francesco Da Mosto the architect-turned-TV presenter with a voice like melted Ferrero Rocher has wangled himself a paid three-month passage around the Med on a vintage schooner.
At the tender age of 16 he wangled his way into a job as a Pontins Bluecoat.
SOME 84 traffic wardens have been sacked in Montreal, after they wangled free parking for their relatives by handing out 500 VIP stickers.
Instead of tricky interpretive questions (Quayle's fitness for high office), the media mob was back in its comfort zone of trying to ferret out objective facts (how Quayle wangled a wartime billet writing press releases in the Indiana National Guard).
But by Monday, the Geordie had wangled her way into the coveted position, enraging US fans obsessed with Simon and Paula - dubbed "Saula".
But his heartbreaking story was a pack of lies, the General Medical Council's professional conduct committee ruled - and it wasn't the first time he had wangled days off.
Their liaison was brief, and at 72, with no man in sight, the merry widow called in her chits and wangled the plum post of ambassador to France.
And LA Galaxy star Becks, 32, who's training with Arsenal to stay fit for England, wangled them seats behind manager Arsene Wenger and the subs bench just two rows from the pitch.
She's just returned from Miami where she was doing a photo-shoot for Ultimo's Spring/Summer range of lingerie and she's wangled herself a major perk.
And co-producer George Clooney revealed his secret for keeping the film under budget - Frank Sinatra's former manager wangled free use of the Las Vegas casinos where the action is set.
Apparently Sharon considers Dannii to be a talentless D-lister - which is a bit rich coming from someone who wangled a career out of hanging on to her gibbering husband's tattered coat tails.
Rach, 25, has wangled a four-album deal and her first single My La-Ex will come out in September.