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wangle (one's) way into (some place or some situation)

To succeed in entering some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. I didn't think we'd be able to do it, but after Rajesh talked to the bouncer, we were able to wangle our way into the night club. I've been trying to wangle my way into the honors course at Harvard all year, but so far, nothing has helped.
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wangle (one) into (some place or some situation)

To succeed in getting someone into some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. It turned out that Rajesh knew the bouncer at the club, so he was able to wangle us into the place even though we weren't on the guest list. I don't know how I let Jeff wangle me into looking after his dogs this weekend—I don't even like dogs!
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wangle out of something

Fig. to get out of having to do something; to argue or deceive one's way out of a responsibility. Don't try to wangle out of this mess. You must stay and fix the problems you made. Mary managed to wangle out of staying late again.
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wangle something from someone

 and wangle something Out of someone
Fig. to obtain, through argument or deception, something from someone. Are you trying to wangle money from me? You can't wangle any money out of me.
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Rach, 25, has wangled a four-album deal and her first single My La-Ex will come out in September.
For she's wangled parts in Peak Practice for her MUM and DAD.
As a non-executive director it would be usual for him to charge BG a fee, but Giordano, 68, has wangled a juicy service contract.
Anyway, Kathy (Michelle Collins) lugged an empty suitcase to a game at Upton Park, where mad Paula (Emily Woof) had wangled a job as a waitress (she had a gun hidden under a pile of smoked salmon sandwiches...
LLOYD Owen wangled dad Glyn from Howard's Way a part in Get Real (ITV).
"Someone has wangled it that I'm on stage while the match is on.
On his way back to Switzerland he had stopped over in London to see a mutual friend who had kindly wangled me an invite to dine with this internationally known actor who had famously played the leading role in 'Rommel Desert Fox.'.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Another 9 Reeds 10 Nomad 11 Lesotho 12 Wan 13 Reporter 16 Soulmate 17 Ova 19 Chapati 21 Cloak 22 Erode 23 Granite DOWN: 1 Barn owl 2 Commando 3 Shed 4 Preserve 5 Feat 6 Aston 8 Role playing 13 Released 14 Economic 15 Rankled 18 Acres 20 Anon 21 Char QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Broadcaster 8 Sue 9 Dud 11 Classic 12 Agile 13 Old 14 Ten 15 Unkempt 17 Day 19 Item 21 Abet 23 Twee 25 Sumo 27 Amp 29 Account 31 Off 34 Mrs 36 Parka 37 Fall out 38 Ewe 39 One 40 Never-ending DOWN: 1 Bull 2 Read 3 Absence 4 Cycled 5 Sharp 6 Edit 7 Rule 8 Scold 10 Denim 16 Tie 18 Yam 20 Tea 22 Boa 24 Wangled 25 Slope 26 Coffee 28 Paste 30 Craze 32 Fawn 33 Free 34 Moon 35 Rung
Actress Charlize Theron wangled Ewan McGregor a role as an extra on her cowboy movie.
I bet she wangled that" - An envious Dame Julie Andrews, who had to turn down the part, ultimately taken by Lumley, in the film The Wolf Of Wall Street.
He was certainly shrewd to have wangled himself a PS145,000-plus salary and peppercornrented Essex housing association gin palace.
Chidambaram's plans would perk up the economy in the near future, some leaders are reconciled to the loss of some 50- odd seats the party had wangled from urban and semi- urban areas in 2009.
Al Jabiri wanted a hefty Dhs225 to smell like an iPhone 5 - but one shopper wangled him down to Dhs100.
But the couple wangled a rent subsidy of $4,270 a month.
But Ibrahimovic's agent Mino Raoila wangled a deal that gets him paid at least 9.4 million pound a year even after the government's cut, and that rises to 11.4 million pound- a-year if bonus targets are met, meaning a whopping 220,000 pound straight into his account.
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