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wandering hands

The tendency to attempt to touch another person for sexual gratification without their consent. Bernard's got wandering hands, which is why his assistants always quit. So-called wandering hands are sexual harassment, period.
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wander about

 and wander around
to stroll or amble around without any purpose evident; to roam around. We just wandered about downtown all morning, looking at the shop windows. It's fun to wander around in a strange town.
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wander away (from someone or something)

 and wander off (from someone or something)
to roam away from someone or something. The little boy wandered away from his mother. He wandered off from his sister. The dog wandered off.
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wander from something

to stray from something, such as a path, a set of rules, etc. Please do not wander from the path I have set for you. If you wander from our guidelines, your finished product may not be acceptable.
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wander in(to something)

to stray or roam into something or some place. A deer wandered into the parking lot and frightened some of the shoppers. Someone wandered in and sat down.
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wander off

(from someone or something) Go to wander away (from someone or something).
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However, Wanderer notes that, for Brandom, there is nothing more to a practice's being linguistic than its being interpretable as such.
These Wanderer II units are self-powered, using 9 volt batteries that will last at least 100 hours.
Potter's were forced not only to build ships such as the Wanderer speculatively but also manage them commercially to keep their skilled men in work.
The economical CA600 Wanderer System monitors single or double doors, stairwells, and hallways.
CARE TRAK's Door Alarm alerts staff and identifies the door that a wanderer uses.
Involving wanderers in activities to redirect or distract them
Wanderers have got goalkeeper Jerrad Tyson on the treatment table.
For the Wanderers, veteran centre Darren Ryan was a strong tackler and fly-half Fish punted splendidly, as did his opposite number Josh Davies, while Rhiwbina scrum-half Rory Harries had an outstanding match.
Fans hugged each other and set off red flares as the Wanderers held on for a 0-0 draw after winning the home leg 1-0 to clinch the Asian club title in only their third season.
Even before the celebrations could die down in the Al Jazira camp, the Wanderers hit back through La Rocca's header off a fine corner kick by Vitor Saba.
Football fans Charlie Sullivan and John Stewart formed Wanderers in 1994 after Lanarkshire was devastated by the loss of Ravenscraig.
Wanderers were always on the back foot although they managed to pin Blackwood deep in their own territory thanks to the hard work of the pack and the sound tactical kicking of Ianto Griffiths.
Against spirited Wanderers they were without about 16 players because of regional and Wales sevens calls as well as three injuries.
Prop Tom Cassidy impressed in the front row and there was a debut for former youth player Sean Mooney who came into the back row after some impressive displays for the Park Wanderers.
Ian "Waggy" Wagstaff, 50, was told by bosses in Australia he couldn't have time off to see his beloved Bolton Wanderers take on Stoke City in Sunday's FA Cup semi-final.