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wandering hands

The tendency to attempt to touch another person for sexual gratification without their consent. Bernard's got wandering hands, which is why his assistants always quit. So-called wandering hands are sexual harassment, period.
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wander about

 and wander around
to stroll or amble around without any purpose evident; to roam around. We just wandered about downtown all morning, looking at the shop windows. It's fun to wander around in a strange town.
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wander away (from someone or something)

 and wander off (from someone or something)
to roam away from someone or something. The little boy wandered away from his mother. He wandered off from his sister. The dog wandered off.
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wander from something

to stray from something, such as a path, a set of rules, etc. Please do not wander from the path I have set for you. If you wander from our guidelines, your finished product may not be acceptable.
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wander in(to something)

to stray or roam into something or some place. A deer wandered into the parking lot and frightened some of the shoppers. Someone wandered in and sat down.
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wander off

(from someone or something) Go to wander away (from someone or something).
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The 52-year-old, whose farm is close to the highway, told police that a gate had accidentally opened and the sheep had wandered off.
It then crossed a road, went down an alley and wandered through the grounds of Knightlow CE Primary School before ending up in another field of cows.
Police said he apparently wandered into his family pool in the 900 block of Country Club Drive while his parents were preparing a Labor Day barbecue.
Will said the pair wandered off about two years ago during another doctor visit.
He said the pair previously wandered off about two years ago during another doctor visit.
Gloria Will, 74, left, and her son, Richard, 54, wandered from a hospital waiting room.
Delilah, a blind Lhasa apso and shih tzu mix, was protected and guided by Samson, a German shepherd and chow mix, as the two dogs wandered around Van Nuys last week.
Delilah, a small, blind Lhasa apso and Shih Tzu mixed breed, and Samson, a German shepherd and chow mix, wandered into Fiero's Van Nuys neighborhood Sunday.
If you feel as if you've wandered into someone's tiny farm, well, you have.
They wandered the perimeter of Ramo Auditorium and Baxter Lecture Hall, peering expectantly into the metal grates, hoping to find the next clue to their puzzle.
LANCASTER - Twice in two days, young black bears have wandered into the Antelope Valley, and a Fish and Game official says a growing bear population in neighboring mountains may mean bear sightings will increase.
OXNARD - Oxnard police were searching for an Alzheimer's patient who wandered away from his group home Saturday morning.
Police believe they wandered away from their home about a half-block away, Cannon said.
Deer have wandered off into cities before,'' LAPD spokesman Stinson Brown said.
About 20 cows that found an open gate on the edge of their pasture wandered onto the Ventura Freeway about 8:30 a.