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wandering hands

The tendency to attempt to touch another person for sexual gratification without their consent. Bernard's got wandering hands, which is why his assistants always quit. So-called wandering hands are sexual harassment, period.
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wander about

 and wander around
to stroll or amble around without any purpose evident; to roam around. We just wandered about downtown all morning, looking at the shop windows. It's fun to wander around in a strange town.
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wander away (from someone or something)

 and wander off (from someone or something)
to roam away from someone or something. The little boy wandered away from his mother. He wandered off from his sister. The dog wandered off.
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wander from something

to stray from something, such as a path, a set of rules, etc. Please do not wander from the path I have set for you. If you wander from our guidelines, your finished product may not be acceptable.
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wander in(to something)

to stray or roam into something or some place. A deer wandered into the parking lot and frightened some of the shoppers. Someone wandered in and sat down.
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wander off

(from someone or something) Go to wander away (from someone or something).
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Police received a call at around 7.30pm that a flock of sheep belonging to a 52-year-old farmer had wandered onto the highway near the Pissouri exit causing a collision involving three cars.
"How long he wandered off for we cannot be precise, it was a matter of minutes not seconds and it seems that he wandered off into the deep end of the pool."
Last month, the Palmerston North coroner called for Alzheimer's sufferers to wear tracking devices after two elderly men wandered away from rest-homes in two separate incidents earlier this year and drowned in the Manawatu River.
Finally the 6-pointer wandered off, I believe with the satisfaction that he had just "whipped" the bigger buck.
Deluded, dehydrated, mad, Heck wandered toward a tree at the edge of the playa, across the railroad tracks, and approached Trego hot springs.
"In any assisted living building, when trying to monitor 20 residents and manage their care needs, you need all the information in its simplest form." Because all staff members are informed of an incident and know exactly who has wandered before they arrive, everyone can help monitor residents and respond to any incident.
I snuck out of my family's rented cottage one hot August night and wandered until I happened upon a scene lit by flickering tiki torches and glowing citronella sticks.
The bullock then broke through another hedge into a different garden on Brookside and wandered up the road to the doctor's surgery.
He was waiting for a bus from Glasgow's Western Infirmary to Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride when he wandered off.
Once we determined his stomach was bothering him, and started the appropriate treatment, he never wandered again.
At about 10.30am I wandered into town to see if there was anywhere to get some breakfast for my colleagues and myself.
But in the absence of fixed screening times, visitors almost inevitably wandered in after the film had begun, and tended to wander out sometime before or after it actually ended.
If a person has wandered and become lost, a mobile app can now be accessed by emergency personnel to access the person s information, including picture, transmitter frequency, possible medications and habits in order to help locate the person quickly.
Washington, May 06 (ANI): A moderate dose of alcohol increases a person's mind wandering, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of noticing that one's mind has wandered, according to a new study.
Cows caused traffic chaos at Caergwrle near Wrexham when they wandered onto the A541 after escaping