wander away

wander away (from someone or something)

 and wander off (from someone or something)
to roam away from someone or something. The little boy wandered away from his mother. He wandered off from his sister. The dog wandered off.
See also: away, wander
References in classic literature ?
"My dear sir," said the Distinguished Advocate of Republican Institutions, without removing his eyes from the horizon, "you wander away into the strangest irrelevancies!
"We must give up the farm, my dear," replied her uncle sadly, "and wander away into the world to work for our living."
She said it in a tone that placed the matter in its right light--a light in which they appeared kindly, quite tenderly, to watch Maud wander away into space with her lovely head bent under a theory rather too big for it.
He said he saw a 3-year-old black boy wander away from his family and, when the family member came to retrieve the preschool-aged kid, another customer present there used a racial slur and spat at the child.
I found that a mayonnaise jar lid filled to the brim with "Fresca" (soft drink) will attract rodents by the score, and in turn, they will drink until they're full and then just wander away and die.
And it's amazing the number of people who finish what they are doing on a computer and then wander away, leaving it switched on.
Knowing that the people of ancient Israel were prone to wander away from God, Joshua called together the "eastern tribes" to commend them and give them counsel.
"What is also clear is that the boat probably belonged to poor Pakistani fishermen fishing to feed their families as just Indian fishermen do," he said adding that both Pakistan and India were aware that these poor fishermen often wander away in each other's territorial waters being caught before they were sent back to their respective countries.
He is one of six Lane County residents who wear the bracelet as part of a program that allows authorities to track people with dementia who sometimes wander away from their homes, officials said.
For 10% of their journey they are eating, reaching for the phone, texting or engaged in other activities that cause concentration to wander away from what is happening beyond the windscreen.
"It is very out of character for him to wander away like this and we are worried that he may have taken ill somewhere.
They go to students' homes, take them where they need to go, head to juvenile court with them, watch that they don't wander away from school during lunchtime and more.
It is very important that children like Ale, who impulsively run or wander away, learn some basic personal information such as their parents' names and phone numbers.
But in fact Dr Swinson found boys and girls were equally likely to let their attention wander away from their class work.
In the Old Testament the prophets spoke of this return to God, because when we wander away from our true calling and forget the needs of others, we become aimless and empty and our souls are not fed.