waltz around

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waltz around something

Fig. to move around or through a place happily or proudly. She waltzed around the room, very pleased with herself. Who is that person waltzing around, trying to look important?
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The action in the 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest was great, but I've never seen players having to waltz around opposition defenders AND seagulls
com Friday BARRY Waltz around the floor during an evening of ballroom and Latin American dancing at the Memorial Hall and Theatre from 8.
Festival fatigue hasn't really set in yet, but one last waltz around a field at Bestival might well bring it on.
He may waltz around five people before he puts the cross in.
Grand Cordon Blatter has a ring to it, perhaps enabling him to waltz around Wissam Alaouite enjoying its premier fiacilities and talking money.
They are not the sort of players that waltz around.
So we'd watched Belle (of Beauty and the Beast fame) waltz around Sleeping Beauty's Castle, ridden the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and got lost in Alice i n Wo n d e r l a n d ' s labyrinth.
Sadly, very few people have the time to waltz around with a basket of groceries, stopping to gossip on the high street before waving at the red-cheeked, jolly butcher standing proudly at his well-dressed shop window, and then setting off on their old-fashioned bicycle.
AS a little girl she would watch Come Dancing and make her grandmother waltz around the room with her.
Front-runner Grant Smith and Gary Jones exchanged passes before Jone sent Paul Harsley racing through the middle to waltz around Chris Todd and beat Freestone with an angled shot.
The best occurs near the very end, when several bowler-hatted actors do an ominous, slow-mo waltz around the broken Oscar Wilde.
The singing star will belt out Bob Seger's Old Time Rock'n'Roll and will be expected to waltz around the stage.
Once upon a time, aristos would waltz around their estates in ball gowns and wellies and leave the tracksuits to us commoners - and a blue- blooded lady would never dream of exposing her knicks.
Yet they waltz around Miami as two-bit celebrities and America refuses to extradite them to Cuba.