wallow in (something)

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wallow in (something)

To indulge or languish in something to a great or excessive degree. The aristocrats of this country have wallowed in luxury for long enough! It will do you no good just sitting around the house wallowing in your own self-pity!
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wallow (around) in something

to roll around in something. Pigs enjoy wallowing around in mud. They wallow in mud to keep cool.
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wallow in something

Fig. to experience an abundance of something. (Fig. on wallow (around) in something.) Roger and Wilma are just wallowing in money. Claire spent the entire day wallowing in self-pity. The villagers are all wallowing in superstition.
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wallow in

1. To roll the body lazily or clumsily in some medium or substance: The pig wallowed in the mud.
2. To revel in some condition or behavior; take pleasure in some condition or behavior: The celebrity wallowed in his fame.
3. To be plentifully supplied: The heirs wallowed in money.
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References in classic literature ?
And all the while, rolling, plunging, climbing the moving mountains and falling and wallowing in the foaming valleys, the schooner Ghost was fighting her way farther and farther into the heart of the Pacific--and I was on her.
It looked like nothing but a hog, which lay wallowing in the marble basin, and filled it from brim to brim.
Wallowing in the fight, they were in an astonishingly short time resmudged.
Review of wallowing in pigs: description of the behaviour and its motivational basis.
Nick is wallowing in self-pityThen, when she receives a text from Sarah inviting her to a wedding fair, she begs Nathan to let her go, suggesting they postpone the party.
"I know - more complex & challenging but we are here to serve so let's get on with it rather than wallowing in self pity!" Mr Hamilton responded on his verified Twitter account.
"Wallowing in Paint" Artist Reception - A free reception to meet artist Michelle Thorp will be held from 5 p.m.
"I've gone through times where you're feeling low and you don't reach out to people and you just keep wallowing in that, and I think that's when things turn into a bigger deal than they need to be," she explained.
Some will rejoice in seeing UNESCO wallowing in a problem of its own making that could have been avoided, but many will suffer.
WACKY pop star Lady Gaga is convinced she will always be lonely - because "wallowing in solitude" is what makes her an artist.
Carmen, after wallowing in low self-esteem and confusion, finds herself (literally) in a challenging theatrical production; Bridget is in Turkey learning how much she loves archaeology, and confused about her long-distance relationship with Eric.
Without GLAAD we would be wallowing in a sea of antigay TV shows, inaccurate portrayals of GLBT people in the movies, and inaccurate reporting on us in the news media.
Many artists have redeemed excess by wallowing in it, and the extravagance of Edmier's choice of medium comes with an equally florid taste in themes and ideas that was already clear in the Fawcett piece, with its pithy fusion of popular culture, sexual reverie, and a Renaissance manner gone kitsch.
He avoids wallowing in self-pity, and his faith is his hope.