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wallow in (something)

To indulge or languish in something to a great or excessive degree. The aristocrats of this country have wallowed in luxury for long enough! It will do you no good just sitting around the house wallowing in your own self-pity!
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wallow in the mire

To remain stuck in an undesirable or negative situation due to one's unwillingness to do something to change. Jane left you six months ago—it's time to stop wallowing in the mire and get back to living your life.
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wallow (around) in something

to roll around in something. Pigs enjoy wallowing around in mud. They wallow in mud to keep cool.
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wallow in something

Fig. to experience an abundance of something. (Fig. on wallow (around) in something.) Roger and Wilma are just wallowing in money. Claire spent the entire day wallowing in self-pity. The villagers are all wallowing in superstition.
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wallow in

1. To roll the body lazily or clumsily in some medium or substance: The pig wallowed in the mud.
2. To revel in some condition or behavior; take pleasure in some condition or behavior: The celebrity wallowed in his fame.
3. To be plentifully supplied: The heirs wallowed in money.
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Listen to Bowie's 'Letter,' take a dive with the 'Spirits,' wallow in lazy, hazy 'Feelings''If you killed somebody, no, I wouldn't tell nobody on you,' goes K.Flay's declaration of loyalty in the first verse, and just with that the US alternative/hip-hop artist has won us over.
M1676 was part of the first litter of pups born to the Bear Wallow Pack--comprised of a four-year-old female (F1335) and her three-year-old mate (M1338) who had dispersed from a pack in New Mexico.
We analyzed 3, 1-g samples (dry weight equivalent) from each tube of soil at the wallow; that is, 4 tubes of soil within the wallow and 4 tubes of soil that were proximal (control).
Most bowhunters who are successful on wallows show up well before daylight and sit on the stand until dark.
He added: "It's good to train in the park because it has quite similar obstacles to what I will face on the course, going through the mud wallows and climbing up on stuff."
In addition to fuels reduction, which will help prevent or lessen the intensity of future wildfires in the area, the Wallow Fire may also benefit Apache trout recovery by reducing a number of other threats to the species.
But Paqi knows exactly what he's doing and his knowledge of the wallow's location is the kind of expertise you pay for when hunting with an outfitter.
The Arizona Daily Star said the Wallow fire forced the evacuation of thousands of residents in several small communities in eastern Arizona.
In other words, the disturbance effects of a wallow with a diameter of 4 m (common on our study area) should persist for approximately 60 y.
For those seeking unique Alaska gifts, Moose Wallow has its own gift shop.
The sky turns dark, unleashing droplets of oil, and the soldiers wallow in a slippery bog of crude-soaked dunes.
The camera wanders like an inquisitive child everyone's too preoccupied to notice, moving smoothly and constantly, sometimes panning up and back for a panoramic shot, and frequently digressing in the direction of a pigpen by the side of the road whose inmates wallow obliviously in the mud.
They lie on a slatted floor, wallow in urine, eat less, and grow less as well.
But nobody was hearing from them." Instead, on matters such as the banning of DDT, ozone depletion, and "global warming," the field has been dominated by "popularizers and activists with other agendas," most of whom "wallow in lavish federal funding ...
Some countries wallow in high-calorie diets, at the risk of their health, while others flounder, their people wondering when, of if, the next meal might arrive.