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wallow in the mire

To remain stuck in an undesirable or negative situation due to one's unwillingness to do something to change. Jane left you six months ago—it's time to stop wallowing in the mire and get back to living your life.
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wallow in (something)

To indulge or languish in something to a great or excessive degree. The aristocrats of this country have wallowed in luxury for long enough! It will do you no good just sitting around the house wallowing in your own self-pity!
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wallow (around) in something

to roll around in something. Pigs enjoy wallowing around in mud. They wallow in mud to keep cool.
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wallow in something

Fig. to experience an abundance of something. (Fig. on wallow (around) in something.) Roger and Wilma are just wallowing in money. Claire spent the entire day wallowing in self-pity. The villagers are all wallowing in superstition.
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wallow in

1. To roll the body lazily or clumsily in some medium or substance: The pig wallowed in the mud.
2. To revel in some condition or behavior; take pleasure in some condition or behavior: The celebrity wallowed in his fame.
3. To be plentifully supplied: The heirs wallowed in money.
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It was September 3 and, thinking there would be little bugling that early, our plan was to hunt wallows, waterholes and feeding areas.
There was no difference in evenness between the edge of wallow and adjacent prairie locations (P = 0.
But I dislike WHW's adjective 'tepid' and his suggestion that the audience would find it a leisurely, amiable wallow in nostalgia, and I am sorry he was bored.
As of July 4, the Wallow Fire has been 95 percent contained, according to the Arizona Information Network (AzEIN).
It was a pack-in trip on public land in the Beaverhead National Forest On Monday, Sept 14, Layne spotted a lone bull in an open wallow.
The company will acquire around 118,000 gross acres (85,000 net acres) in the Greater Buffalo Wallow and East Texas/North Louisiana areas in US.
In the end, though, ``Rome'' seems more a provocation, a prurient invitation to audiences to wallow in the spectacularly staged bad behavior.
The girls will wallow in luxury at the hotel in the I centre of picturesque Baden - Baden, just a short walk from the town's designer shops.
Enough wobble and wallow and the wheel could break off.
Excited and anxious, I returned the next day and once again, the wallow had been used.
Still, for those who enjoy a long wallow, Peiffer's reading is good, though more studied and less animated than McInerney and Woodman's.
Finally, if irritation from biting insects is the cause, males would wallow more than females because biting insects prefer male ungulates over females (Dobson et al.
And so I would have to be some kind of really nearsighted fool to wallow in what's left of the world that's gorgeous and freely given and natural and sweet and hot and unpredictable and delicate and good for growing things.
Modern dance" has two distinct connotations: one is the evolving background against which much new, non-balletic choreography is situated, as well as the twentieth-century works in that genre; the other is the static and outdated mode into which some choreographers allow themselves to wallow self-indulgently.