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and Wala! and Wallah! and Viola! (wɑ ˈlɑ)
exclam. And there you have it! (All versions are misspellings or misunderstandings of the French Voila! the Viola! is a well-meant spelling error.) And walla! There it is. Cooked just right!


See Walla!
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But unfortunately a commoner reaction was: "Jawdees are lazy scroats FACT Benefit wallahs should have their benefits stopped.
And now that 3 Idiots has topped everything else in Bollywood box-office history, all our film wallahs suddenly want to make a strong statement or two on India's education system.
The Chai Wallahs tent also offered great entertainment with its boudoir deco, permaparty soul-funk and boozy hot chocolate.
On second thoughts, Despondent had another plan to keep the highways and byways clear of ice and snow: "Get the council office wallahs to do snowplough shifts at night, they don't achieve much through the day, so they must be well rested.
It's just chaos with auto rickshaw wallahs and volunteers taking people to hospital," said Jitender Rathore, a Jodhpur shop keeper.
But in this golden technological age of liability management and hedging, if you are a major bookmaker, with bookmaker prices, rows of shops and an on-course team, and still find yourself turning away business, forget the colour swatches; don't you need to give your IT wallahs a nice fresh kick up the backside instead?
Inspired by tiffin boxes delivered to five million Indians in Mumbai every month by dabbah wallahs, Tiffinbites stores sell authentic Indian snacks, main meals and desserts that can be eaten at home or at work or heated up on site for instant consumption.
Many years ago there must have been a shockingly bad geography teacher at Eton because none of the posh wallahs ended up where they should have
You also, says the same committee, have what they describe as a "cosy relationship" with HMRC's top wallahs.
Instead of fobbing off teachers with this meaningless drivel, the health and safety wallahs should come clean and start a clean-up of our schools.
The pair intend to carry out interviews and full accounts of people including business executives working at the heart of India's economic powerhouse, cast and crew from the Bollywood studios, international diplomats, self-made millionaires, NGOs, ex-pats, street hawkers, food wallahs, school teachers and students.
In the new India where the middle class is enjoying disposable income for the first time, emaciated rickshaw wallahs sit on their bicycles outside gleaming shopping malls knowing they can never buy anything inside, assuming they ever have the courage to enter.
Assisting Rangi Ram and the British soldiers were a couple of Wallahs (chargehands), Muhammed and Rumzan.
I placed two further large, unsuccessful bets, reluctantly reached the conclusion that someone up there was playing silly buggers, or perhaps they have different celestial departments, and while the roulette authority is pro me, the racing wallahs are not.
Their Capital of Culture wallahs have enlisted the esteemed know-how of Camra and the Chamber of Commerce to get, you guessed it, 80 pubs on board to participate.