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and Wala! and Wallah! and Viola! (wɑ ˈlɑ)
exclam. And there you have it! (All versions are misspellings or misunderstandings of the French Voila! the Viola! is a well-meant spelling error.) And walla! There it is. Cooked just right!


See Walla!
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Qureshi was served with financial penalties totalling PS20,000 in relation to the 2010 Cafe Indigo visit and the 2012 Chai Wallah visit.
com Balti Wallah A friendly Indian restaurant and takeaway, it's not often packed, but the menu's Balti and tandoori dishes are a real speciality.
Everyone associated from captain to coach, kit-man to chai wallah would probably be the subject of a national campaign for the bestowal of honours, riches and hereditary lands in Northumbria.
Israeli senior officials have received instructions to be ready for any kind of emergency, Wallah website reported.
The tent cinema owners refer to each other as Talkies Wallah, and Amit has taken this as the title of his exhibition.
The 1965 Merchant Ivory film Shakespeare Wallah was based on the family's experiences and starred an 18 year-old Felicity.
With India as the arena and the Raj as context, the piquancy of their unique Indian-American-European perspective on this oh-so-very-British--and to a lesser extent, Indian--subject, starting with the delectable Shakespeare Wallah (1965), was often lost on all three continents.
To the rickshaw wallah working on a two-shift system, this non-passenger business is highly lucrative; wallahs congregate around the waterfront eager to distribute knee-bucking half-tonne loads to the city's shops.
Devgn is Vijay Salgaonkar, a local cable TV- wallah whose life is summed up by his movie- watching addiction.
But tea specialists Char Wallah will make you question everything you thought you knew.
The White House wallah at Hay is Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer, passionate jogger and peace activist.
At 17 she came back to the UK to work in the West End, but returned to India to film Merchant Ivory movie Shakespeare Wallah, which was based on her family's experiences.
Gervaise trains Caviar Wallah, favourite for the Derby, and is rumoured to be having a close relationship with a sheep.
Kapoor began his career as a child actor and became known internationally for his roles in Merchant Ivory productions such as Shakespeare Wallah and Heat and Dust.