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There it is; there you are. A misspelling and mispronunciation of the French "voilà," an exclamation calling attention to or expressing satisfaction with something that has just been presented or accomplished. Finally, you just turn this crank to set it into place and—walla! The machine is ready to go. "Wallah!" said the magician as he pulled the girl's card from his pocket.
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and Wala! and Wallah! and Viola! (wɑ ˈlɑ)
exclam. And there you have it! (All versions are misspellings or misunderstandings of the French Voila! the Viola! is a well-meant spelling error.) And walla! There it is. Cooked just right!


See Walla!
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Other feted visitors included the kulfi wallahs (milk ice cream), mong phalli or roasted peanut wallah, fruit sellers and utensil sellers (who would also give away glasses and tea sets in exchange for used clothes).
The organisation will visit the "Wallah We Can" association's boarding school in Makthar on December 15 and three short films will screened on this occasion.
The man, said to be "subject to immigration control", was employed in the Chai Wallah kitchen as a chef.
Now imagine the cable wallah is actually cable waali .
Soldiers' vocabulary as set out in the Soldier's Diary of 1917 Gravel Crushers: Infantry soldiers Poultice Wallahs: RAMC officers Doolally Tap: When a soldier becomes mentally unbalanced, he is said to have received the "Doolally Tap".
Wallah is an Indian suffix referring to a person whose work has become one with their identity.
The soldier home on leave from the Far East, would take to Hobson-Jobson, waiting for his tiffin, as he placed his solah topee on the table while his friend, poured the tea and acted as char wallah. Occasionally he would have a shufti at the newspaper.
In 1965, she won best actress at the Berlin Film Festival for her performance in Shakespeare Wallah and is said to have introduced film-making partners James Ivory and Ismail Merchant.
He is well-known for hit singles such as Bawada'ak and Wallah Mayiswa but is probably best-known for the song Bassbour Ala Fourgakom which is one of the synchronised tunes played at the Dubai Fountain.
The latter was of special interest to me since I did the same thing as the author, namely to follow a wallah from the suburb of Andheri to the centre of town.
At 17 she came back to the UK to work in the West End, but returned to India to film Merchant Ivory movie Shakespeare Wallah, which was based on her family's experiences.
[5.] Hardjito, D., Wallah S.E., and Rangan B.V., Study on Engineering Properties of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete, Journal of the Australasian Ceramic Society, 38(1), 2002, pp.
While everyone is familiar with Merchant Ivory Productions' meticulous adaptations of classic English and American novels, such as The Bostonians (1984), A Room With a View (1985), and The Remains of the Day (1993), and while early Merchant-Ivory films like Shakespeare Wallah (1965) and The Guru (1969) have rightly developed their own cult following, hardly anyone seems to be aware of the extent to which Merchant Ivory Productions' forty-six films show evidence of Merchant's creative input, nor of the fact that he occasionally directed as well as produced.
* Last October in this excellent space there was occasion to condemn a wordcare giver for spelling voila the way she heard it: wallah. Today she is not alone.
Abad, new Jinnah Colony and Saeed Abad feeders emanating from 132-KV University grid station, Ramdewali and CTM feeders originating from 132-KV Chiniot Road grid staion, Lalian City and Wallah feeders emanating from 132-KV Lalian grid station, new Ahmad Nagar feeder originating from 132-KV Chenab Nagar grid station, Gojra Road and Niamoana feeders emanating from 220-KV Sammundri Road grid station, Khizra Fertilizer feeder originating from 220-KV Jaranwala Road grid station, College Road, al-Faisal and Amin Abad feeders emanating from 132-KV Sammundri