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on the wallaby (track)

Traveling without employment or a fixed address, especially through or around the Australian bush, either as recreation or due to economic circumstances. Primarily heard in Australia. After they retired, my parents sold their home, bought a caravan, and decided to go on the wallaby for as long as their savings would allow them. Many men were forced to go on the wallaby track, as jobs were scarce at the time.
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on the wallaby track

If someone is on the wallaby or on the wallaby track, they are unemployed. They were on the wallaby track, travelling on foot from station to station.
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on the wallaby (or wallaby track)

(of a person) unemployed and having no fixed address. Australian informal
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The Australian Parks Service purchased and protected the land, securing the future of the bridled nailtail wallaby, whose numbers are still rising today.
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