wall off

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wall off

To separate, segregate, or divide someone or something by erecting a wall or similar barrier. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wall" and "off." The government walled off the section of the archives that contained information about its rise to power. They've effectively walled our department off from the rest of the company with all these boxes.
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wall someone or something off

to separate or segregate someone or something by building a wall. She sat right across from me at her desk, listening to every phone call I made. Finally, the manager walled her off so we now can carry on our business in privacy. They walled off the south door to the building.
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wall something off (from someone or something)

to deny access to an area by building a wall as a barrier. The manager was told to wall the incinerator area off from the machinery area. Please wall off the incinerator area.
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wall off

To divide or separate something with or as if with a wall: We walled off part of the room. The school walled the students off from the outside world.
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The moral message of the Lady dims, it seems, when even some of our politicians want to wall us off in fear from those who, carrying children in their arms, beg us again for "room in the inn."
"We can't wall us off. So why are we stretching our resources?" How about driver's licenses for illegal immigrants?
Plot: Alethal virus called Reaper nearly wipes out Scotland and causes the rest of the world to wall us off. Thirty years later and it emerges in another country so a team go to Scotland to find a cure.
But the horrific events of September 11 brought home the realization that nothing can wall us off from the world.
When I was a boy my parents built a summer home on the beach that was designed in thrall to the modernist dream of transparency, and specifically to the utopian promise of plate glass: the elimination of the barriers that wall us off from nature.