wall off

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wall off

To separate, segregate, or divide someone or something by erecting a wall or similar barrier. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wall" and "off." The government walled off the section of the archives that contained information about its rise to power. They've effectively walled our department off from the rest of the company with all these boxes.
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wall someone or something off

to separate or segregate someone or something by building a wall. She sat right across from me at her desk, listening to every phone call I made. Finally, the manager walled her off so we now can carry on our business in privacy. They walled off the south door to the building.
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wall something off (from someone or something)

to deny access to an area by building a wall as a barrier. The manager was told to wall the incinerator area off from the machinery area. Please wall off the incinerator area.
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wall off

To divide or separate something with or as if with a wall: We walled off part of the room. The school walled the students off from the outside world.
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Instead of remodeling the home, though, the couple used a simpler, less costly strategy to solve both problems: Rip out the concrete, terrace the sloping yard, then wall off the top terrace to create an outdoor room--and the illusion of a whole new house.
For the first time in seven years, Startribune.com will wall off some content and charge for it.
To get to Jesus' traditional birthplace of Bethlehem, Benedict crossed through the towering concrete slabs of the separation barrier Israel has erected to wall off the West Bank's Palestinian areas.
In signing the order and a second memo designed to wall off scientific research from political influences, Obama said a majority of Americans support lifting the federal funding ban, which would allow researchers to begin using hundreds of already-created embryonic stem cell lines for work on cures for cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's and other illnesses.
GARY McLARDY found hartstongue fern, broad buckler, wall rues and maidenhair spleenworts on a wall off Lord Street West, Southport.
He describes the roots of the wall in the Cold War politics of a divided Germany, the political process by which it was decided to wall off West Berlin, and the reactions of the Western powers.
Co-workers tried to use car jacks to lift the wall off him, Detective LaMears said, but were unsuccessful.
I find signs of hope for the church in: Africa, South-East Asia, Latin America and in groups such as Essentials and the Prayer Book Society, who are not striving relentlessly to wall off the churches of Canada and the United States from our brothers in the Anglican Communion and indeed the entire holy, catholic and apostolic church.
Fukuchi beat third baseman Toshiaki Imae's throw home with one out and the bases loaded for a 2-1 lead, and Fukuchi followed with a shot over the left-center wall off Masahide Kobayashi to put the game away in Pacific League action at Chiba Marine Stadium.
In those instances, instead of trotting into the trap, the mole rats wall off the violated tunnel.
Ultimately, for all the talk about sending messages to people who are positive, the real message of criminalization laws may be to everyone else: this troubling and complicated epidemic isn't your problem, it's that of monstrous outsiders who we can simply wall off from regular folks' lives.
As New York Times columnist David Brooks recently reminded us, if there is a silver lining in the aftermath of Katrina, it is that we have an opportunity to leverage the attention and investment that the region is receiving to help rebuild stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive communities--communities with a more equitable mix of incomes, that don't wall off large segments of the population in areas of concentrated poverty, and that provide a broader range of opportunities to residents.
The boy's mother was joined by regulars at the Old Bear, in Kidderminster, in the rescue operation as they battled to shift the three-foot wall off the boy.
The blocking assignments are designed simply to wall off the playside defenders and prevent them from pursuing.
When we react, the first action is to wall off the problem, to categorize it.