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Nader pointed out that the protesters were in the long tradition of social activism that "dates back to the time Americans gave George III his walking papers, to the abolition of slavery, to the movement for women's right to vote, to the farmers', populist, and progressive movements, to the industrial and mining workers' efforts to form trade unions, to the civil rights movement, the environmental movement, and the workers' health movement.
Through voting we have an opportunity to "throw the rascals out," and if their offices are quickly reoccupied by a new cohort of rascals, well, we shall in due course be able to hand them their walking papers too.
Not only is the Internet causing a seismic paradigm shift that will rock the business landscape for decades and make some industry legends disappear in five years' time, but even the word "e-business" is being given its walking papers, according to the chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers' global technology practice, Paul Weaver.
gets his walking papers but is afraid that his family will reject him.
Here are a few types who should get their walking papers - fast
However, it's time to give that assumption its walking papers, contend two anthropologists.
If my city's crime rate decreased to the point where I was no longer needed, I would gladly take my walking papers.
When a team is successful the players get the credit and the manager is in the background; when a team is not successful the manager gets his walking papers.
Another theory set straight: top managers who don't get the CEO promotion aren't always handed their walking papers.
Fernandez said that they considered giving Alexander his walking papers after taking outside attempts in the stretch of a narrow loss to the Texters last week.
The Ernie Ball Festival Stage will host performances from Walking Papers (featuring Duff McKagan), Middle Class Rut , New Politics , Danko Jones , Chuck Shaffer Picture Show and the local Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands winner in each market.
If your boyfriend is sporting a "blueberry lollipop," demand he sees a doctor immediately or give him his walking papers.
I thought they were going to give me my walking papers but they came in and they said,"We love you, and we want you to stay.
Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, was handed his walking papers by The Society of St Pius X (SSPX), itself a breakaway order of the Roman Catholic Church.
WALKING Papers, a new band formed by Seattle stalwarts Jeff Angell and Barrett Martin, release their debut album on October 1 with guest appearances from Guns & Roses / Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.