walk into (something)

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walk into (something)

1. Literally, to enter something or some place on foot. I knew their group was going to be trouble as soon as they walked into the bar. I think I saw him walking into the professor's office.
2. To collide with something while walking. I walked into a chair and stubbed my toe! She wasn't watching where she was going and walked straight into a lamp post.
3. To fall prey to some trap, deception, or joke exactly as intended by someone else. Unfortunately, many people who are not well versed in technology walk right into these con-artists' scams. I can't believed I walked into such an obvious prank like that.
4. To enter some position, role, employment, etc., very easily or casually. With that kind of experience and expertise, she'll be able to walk into any engineering job you want. He walked right into a tenured position with the university because of his family's connections.
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walk (right) into someone or something

to bump into someone or something. Fred walked right into the edge of the door and broke his nose. Sam walked into Liz and frightened her.
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walk (right) into

a trap to fall right into a trap or deception. You walked right into my trap. Now I have you right where I want you. The unsuspecting agent walked into the FBI setup.
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walk into

1. To enter something by walking: The family walked into the restaurant and sat down.
2. To bump into something by walking: He wasn't looking where he was going, and he walked into a lamppost.
3. To enter something casually, easily, or unawares: With her connections, she can walk into any job she wants. I walked into the trap they had set out for me.
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But he is allegedly open to working abroad, and is said to be interested in taking the reigns at St James' Park despite the fact he would be walking into something approaching a crisis.
"Walking out with my hood up, walking into something where I'd normally be really nervous, it kind of gave me a little feeling of security.
"It makes it feel like you're walking into something special," says Perrone.
He added: "But you're walking into something already established.
If my kid decides to be an actor, I will be very clear that you are walking into something that has positives as well as negatives, so you have to open yourself to that, you have to be tough.
"What I am certainly not doing is walking into something that I'm unaware of.
Like an unexpected relative appearing on the doormat or a beetroot-purple bruise on your leg when you don't remember walking into something, this is both curious and not entirely unwelcome.
"I'm not sure we're not walking into something we're not ready for," Mr.
But you get a real buzz walking into something like this.
The survey revealed the most common cause is falling over or walking into something after a few too many.
Your injury could be from a fingernail while putting in contact lenses, from walking into something or from a hairbrush.