walk away from

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walk away from (someone or something)

1. To abandon someone or something; to leave some person or thing without meeting or incurring any obligations. Luckily we were able to walk away from the deal before any money had changed hands. You can't just walk away from your family like that, Steven—you have responsibilities to us!
2. To come through the other side of an event or situation without suffering any harm or repercussions. How on earth did he walk away from a train crash of that scale with just a few scrapes and bruises? This is the fourth time he's walked away from a company he helped drive into the ground without losing so much as a penny of his own money.
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walk away from someone or something

1. to depart from someone or something on foot. Don't walk away from me while I am talking to you. I walked away from the concert by myself.
2. to abandon someone or something; to go away and leave someone or something. Todd walked away from the problem. I walked away from him and never saw him again.
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walk away from

1. Survive an accident with little injury, as in They were lucky to walk away from that collision. [Second half of 1900s]
2. Refuse to deal with or become involved, abandon, as in No parent finds it easy to walk away from a child in trouble. [Second half of 1900s]
3. Outdo, outrun, or defeat with little difficulty, as in The Packers are walking away from the other teams in their division. [Slang] Also see walk over.
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walk away from

1. To outdo, outrun, or defeat with little difficulty: walked away from the competition.
2. To survive (an accident) with very little injury.
3. To refuse to accept (an offer, for example).
4. To decline to continue participation in (a job, relationship, or activity, for example), often abruptly or nonchalantly.
5. To abandon (a property) on which one owes a mortgage, as when the principal of the mortgage exceeds the market value of the house.
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After last year's play-off final disappointment against Stenhousemuir, McInally contemplated walking away from the job, only to be talked into staying by club chairman and close friend Rodger Morrison.
Stoss points out that Synaptics guided FY19 revenues to grow low-single-digits which was below estimates, due to the decision to walk away from the expected low margin optical fingerprint business and a shortage in capacity for TDDI materials, but notes that this will actually bode well for the company's mix over time as they are walking away from lower margin business, and should meaningfully grow EPS in 2019 despite slower revenue growth.
Under what exact conditions would you be walking away from that summit?
Police said that after walking away from the driver "words were exchanges between the two." What followed was the driver reportedly pulling "out a gun" and shooting Thornton "multiple times."
My problem is, do I walk away and let them be happy and hurt myself because I would be walking away from someone who I have strong feelings for?
Treasury chief George Osborne has told Scottish voters that if they vote for independence later this year, they will be walking away from the pound, AP reported.
Your job is to be honest and serve your clients' interests, even if that means walking away from a sale.
THIS is the moment a gang of masked arsonists were caught on camera, walking away from a pounds 10,000 scrapyard blaze.
"I was very pleased to get the job - I left a very good job to take it - so the last thing in my mind is walking away from a club like this or walking away from football."
"Walking away from a mortgage is bad for borrowers and bad for communities, and our approach is meant to deter the disturbing trend toward strategic defaulting.
WASHINGTON, July 21 -- The US will continue to have close cooperative relationship with Pakistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed in an interview, asserting that walking away from the key South Asian ally would be a mistake.
The consequences for walking away from a mortgage vary from state to state and often are not significant enough to forestall the practice, according to some experts in real estate law.
Walking away from the home would be difficult for George.
But while there will not be the new recruits he wanted to bolster the quest for Premiership status, the Bluebirds boss says he has no intention of walking away from the club.