walk with

walk with someone

to walk in the company of someone. Why don't you walk with me for a while? Can I walk with you?
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walk with something

1. to walk with the aid of something, such as a cane, crutches, etc. You can recognize her easily. She walks with a cane. Dan walks with the help of a crutch.
2. to walk in a characteristic manner, such as with a limp, halting gait, a sprightly step, etc. Martha's uncle walks with a limp. I have always walked with a halting gait.
See also: walk
References in classic literature ?
She remembered the summer evening when they had walked together and wanted to walk with him again.
While Admiral Croft was taking this walk with Anne, and expressing his wish of getting Captain Wentworth to Bath, Captain Wentworth was already on his way thither.
The rain was a mere trifle, and Anne was most sincere in preferring a walk with Mr Elliot.
Men of his type walk with a rapid waddle, or they sit still.
It was the walk of a waiter--that walk with the body slanted forward, the eyes looking down, the ball of the toe spurning away the ground, the coat tails and napkin flying.
I know not how significant it is, or how far it is an evidence of singularity, that an individual should thus consent in his pettiest walk with the general movement of the race; but I know that something akin to the migratory instinct in birds and quadrupeds--which, in some instances, is known to have affected the squirrel tribe, impelling them to a general and mysterious movement, in which they were seen, say some, crossing the broadest rivers, each on its particular chip, with its tail raised for a sail, and bridging narrower streams with their dead--that something like the furor which affects the domestic cattle in the spring, and which is referred to a worm in their tails,--affects both nations and individuals, either perennially or from time to time.
As I finished the walk with my colleagues, Beverly Miller and Faye Grimes with her grandson, Wilson, I felt more hope than I have for a very long time.
Training for an event like this is very motivating and gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment; # If you're not weight training, walk with light (one to two pound) hand weights two to three days per week.
Find a partner or group of people to walk with you.
For example, a session might begin with a walk with the children maintaining personal space.