walk up

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walk up something

1. to move up an incline or stairs on foot. Sally will have to walk up the stairs by herself.
2. to walk the length of something. I walked slowly up the hall.
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They'd walk up and get involved in a shooting, or go to parties (and shoot).
Organisers say: "We're encouraging bookings but walk ups on the night and takeaways will be available.
is is the only place to buy tickets, and there will be no walk ups on the night.
Plank walk ups MUSCLES targeted: core and upper body.
Walk ups at the airports will be accommodated based on availability.
The concerts at Virginia Tech and the Big 12 Game sold out, and walk ups had to wait as long as an hour to get in, so order your tickets now.
By the way, passes for the Londonderry and Belfast shows remain available, although big drunk walk ups on both nights are expected.
Exhibitor Electronic Arts was quadruple booked with over 100 walk ups and have already expressed interest in expanding their presence next year.
Nicole Carra, of NLC Realty LLC Associates, just closed on the off-market sale of two five-story walk ups at 554-558 West 181st Street for $17,250,000.