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If believers of all faiths walk the talk as the UAE does, peace will prevail in the volatile region, a Bishop said on Monday.
Summary: Los Angeles [USA], July 27 (ANI): The fans have always seen Euron Greyjoy talk the talk, but in the second episode of Season Seven of 'Game of Thrones,' we saw him walk the talk.
PATRICK JANSSENS and Walk The Talk took the honours at Romford for the second Friday running after last week's sprint final winner returned to lower the 225m track record with a stunning performance, writes Jonathan Kay.
In keeping with that mission, Shine: How To Walk the Talk crosses denominational boundaries by relying on Scripture, folk tales, parables and personal experience to provide a step-by-step study on how to really love God and your neighbor as yourself.
How many Hollywood folks who talk a good environmental line actually walk the talk and have smaller homes that are off the grid or at least as green as they can be?
When it comes to safety, I actually Walk the Talk and want to talk about it.
Walk the talk by having the courage to address concerns and differences directly with others; have the humility to acknowledge mistakes; appreciate other approaches because we are all needed to bring our special gifts.
We need to walk the talk that we are serving the Chinese society in a meaningful way.
It's time to walk the talk," says Green Mountain President John Brennan on a recent tour of the cow barns and digester.