walk in

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walk in

To enter some establishment or event as a casual attendee. We encourage all patients to make appointments, but we do offer a clinic in the morning where you can simply walk in. We've had people walking in all evening, so we actually had a decent crowd by the end of the night.
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walk in(to something)

to enter something on foot. We walked into the parking garage and tried to find our car. He walked in and sat down.
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walk right in

to enter on foot without hesitation. He went up to the door, opened it, and walked right in. Please just walk right in!
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walk in

1. To enter something by walking: The door was open, so we walked in and took our seats.
2. To enter casually, easily, or unawares: That new student walked in off the street and became the starting quarterback. I don't think you can simply walk in and take over the responsibilities of this new job.
3. walk in on To walk in and see some private situation or someone in a private situation: They were embarrassed when I walked in on them making a mess in the kitchen. The guard walked in on a robbery.
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