walk down

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walk down something

to go down something on foot. She walked down the path and turned to the right. Todd was walking down the road when they caught up with him.
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But still I wonder how I look when I walk down a street: Do I walk like my dad!
Kay said that even if Thomas made it to his daughter's wedding, Markle would've still opted to walk down the aisle by herself first before he would join her.
[United States], May 19 ( ANI ): Prince Charles making her future daughter-in-law Meghan Markle walk down the aisle will be a big break in the royal tradition as this role is usually reserved from someone from bride's family.
After the ceremony a delighted Sian, wearing a long ivory wedding gown and crystal and diamond tiara in her hair, said: "I was determined that I'd actually get out of my chair and walk down the aisle to wed Steve.
Next time you walk down Cairo streets, stop and feel the peacefulness emanating from the pigeons' flutters.
During morning foreign object debris (FOD) walk down ABH1 Valladares ensures FOD walk-down participants are actively engaged in picking up FOD on the flight deck by positioning himself 15-20 feet behind the wave of over 200-300 FOD walk participants.
So we decided to get away from it all and took a walk down the canal footpath, with beautiful greenery, but not as green as we hoped.
A PARALYSED man will be able to walk down the aisle thanks to a groundbreaking robotic frame.
I am a resident of New Mill and regularly walk down Kirkbridge Lane.
However, when you walk down the park there's dog poop everywhere.
It becoming increasingly difficult to walk down Broad Street, something I do nearly every day, trying to avoid the numerous advertising boards outside the various pubs and clubs.
"We took the 32 children on a walk down Trimdon Avenue displaying their posters and chanting '20 is plenty.'" The annual event raises awareness of the dangers of traffic while promoting walking and raising funds to improve road safety and care for road crash victims.
Nishan added that Sabah mocked many of the female guests who appeared on the show, saying that they had no idea how to walk down the stairs featured in the show.