walk away with (something)

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walk away with (something)

1. To win or be awarded something, especially with ease. Without their star quarterback, they were no match for their rivals, who walked away with the game. The lucky winner will walk away with a $500,000 cash prize.
2. To steal something. I forgot to lock my bike as I went into the shop, and in the space of five minutes someone had already walked away with it.
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walk away with (someone or an animal)

to lead, take, accompany, or carry someone or an animal away. I walked away with my brother. The young man walked away with the heifer.
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walk away with something

 and walk off with something 
1. Fig. to win something easily. (With little more effort than is required to carry off the winning trophy.) John won the tennis match with no difficulty. He walked away with it. Our team walked away with first place.
2. Fig. to take or steal something. I think somebody just walked off with my purse! Somebody walked off with my daughter's bicycle.
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Located on Market Street, buying anything from the outlet will not only see you walk away with something nice, but you would have done your bit to help abused women.
For the multitude of veterans whose dreams end before Game 1 of the regular season, there's a chance to walk away with something more than a pink slip at the end of their NFL careers, even if those careers lasted only a couple of seasons.
"He has to walk away with something and the board thinks he's asking too much or they aren't willing to give in," MacDonald said.
If you do that enough times, hopefully that score on Sunday evening's the lowest out of all 87 competitors and you walk away with something that you'll have for the rest of your life."
With rain pouring throughout the night, conditions were never ideal and Graham Drury's men could not do enough to become the first side this season to walk away with something to show for their efforts.
"You just dont know what treasure may await you," adds Arbo, "You always walk away with something, because there is a little bit of everything at Junknista Vintage Market."
For the second week running, Elliot was a big reason why United were able to walk away with something to show for their efforts.
"In theater, the point is not to just perform, but to have the audience walk away with something,'' Ms.
But be a crime if Broadchurchisn't ashoo-in for an awar the jury's on drugs they think Breaking Bad doesn't deserv d to win and we'll switch off if Gogglebox doesn't walk away with something.
"It's about a win/win - our comments need to be a win for each of our leaders so they walk away with something every week."
"What we did not want happening was for the customer to come in and walk away with something that he did not want.
Giving visitors the chance to walk away with something special this Ramadan, Al Qasba is sponsoring a series of giveaway promotions for all visitors spending Dh100 ($27.2) or more at any of Al Qasba's facilities.
Unlike other auction sites, this feature allows users to walk away with something tangible, regardless of whether or not they won the auction.