walk all over somebody

walk all over (someone)

1. To treat someone in a way that ignores or flouts their authority, input, or feelings in order to do whatever one wants; to take advantage of someone or push them around. You need to discipline your students so that they don't walk all over you. My aunt walks all over my uncle because he's just too meek to stand up for himself.
2. To decisively defeat someone. They might be the number one seed, but we're determined not to let them walk all over us.
See also: all, over, walk

walk all ˈover somebody

1 treat somebody badly, without considering them or their needs: Tell him what you think of him — don’t let him walk all over you like that.
2 defeat somebody easily: The only time I played chess with my wife, she walked all over me. ▶ ˈwalkover noun an easy victory: We beat them 12-0: it was a walkover.
See also: all, over, somebody, walk