walk across

walk across something

to move across something on foot. We walked across the bridge carefully. Jerry walked across the field and examined the fence on the other side.
See also: across, walk
References in classic literature ?
If the children had been looking at Grandfather, they would have noticed that he paused in his walk across the room when Clara made this remark.
If the Tin Woodman can chop it down, so that it will fall to the other side, we can walk across it easily.
Miss Polly came out of it with the feeling of limp relaxation that one might have at finding oneself at last on solid earth after a perilous walk across the very thin crust of a volcano.
It can be reached by paddling up the Thame, if you have a small boat; but the best way is to leave the river at Day's Lock, and take a walk across the fields.
TWO amateur adventurers are preparing to embark on a tough challenge - to walk across the world's largest frozen lake in around 20 days.
A FORMER Teesside MP has quit his Government job in order to undertake a fundraising walk across South America.
DURING the 1963 Big Freeze the sea froze over up to a mile out, you could walk across the Thames on the ice and much of England lay under feet of snow for two months.
In text and photographs, Mason chronicles his walk across Australia at its widest part from February to November 1998.
Dnevnik wonders whether this means that he entered Greece from another border crossing and also wonders why a man who owns a car of 80,000 euros would walk across the border.
We know that a lot of people leave their cars in Mamzar and walk across to Dubai.
A GROUP of actresses dressed as the Charles Dickens character Miss Havisham hauntingly walk across Westminster Bridge.
TENOR Rhys Meirion was celebrating after his charity walk across Wales smashed through the PS150,000 target.
The self-proclaimed 'King of the High Wire', Nik Wallenda, has announced plans to tightrope walk across a section of the Grand Canyon, without a harness.
The grandfather from Shirley, who already holds the world record for the oldest person to do the loop-the-loop and the oldest person to wing walk across the English Channel, is about to undertake his greatest adventure yet.
Not only were the residents and staff excited and engaged in Walk Across America, throughout the year both groups realized additional health benefits--increased heart health, improved sleep, more socialization, lower fall rates, and more," Raffol explains.