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whale on (someone or something)

1. To attack or thrash something in an brutal, forceful, or relentless manner. He stood there whaling on the wall with a sledgehammer, but he barely seemed to be making a dent in it. She began whaling on the poor child until a police officer finally intervened. The other team whaled on us for the entire game, leading to one of our most humiliating defeats of the season.
2. To criticize, rebuke, or verbally assault someone or something vehemently or relentlessly. The interviewer suddenly began whaling on the politician over his alleged ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The boss whaled on us for the entirety of the meeting because of our failure to meet our sales quota.
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whale the tar out of (one)

1. To beat or thrash one very severely. The police officer dragged the suspect from the car and started whaling the tar out of him. He threatened to whale the tar out of me if I didn't tell him where the money was.
2. To defeat or dominate one very thoroughly, as in a contest or competition. The other team whaled the tar out of us last year, but we're ready for them this time. We all expected her to win the election, but she absolutely whaled the tar out of her opponent.
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