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waken to (something)

1. Literally, to be roused from sleep due to some stimulus, especially noise. I've been wakening to the sound of my neighbor's dogs barking at 6 AM every single morning for the past two months. We wakened to a clatter downstairs, and I thought for a moment that we were being robbed.
2. To encounter something upon waking. I wakened to the smell of bacon frying downstairs. For Mother's Day, let's let Mom sleep in and waken to a clean house.
3. To become aware and accepting something, such as some truth or issue. Companies are finally wakening to the need to treat customers as people instead of just figures on a spreadsheet. Our three-day retreat aims to help people waken to their own inherent spiritual power.
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wake (up) to something

 and waken to something
to awaken and face something, such as a problem, sunlight, music, noise, etc. I love to wake up to soft music. We woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
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Winter has hijacked the weather it seems, It's April and spring hasn't sprung, By now dark days were a thing of the past, Perversely this year they have clung, Most mornings we waken and rise to false dawns, The sun giving off little heat, Odd patches of blue dot a murk-muddled sky, And the daffodils seem in retreat, The temperatures they are unseasonably low, No leaves are attaching to trees, The rain it is heavy whenever it falls, And inevitably there's a sharp breeze, If spring should fail please hasten June, For summer cannot come too soon.
Now people of Sindh have waken up from sound sleep.
The suspect claimed that he got furious that his niece would not get up after he attempted to waken her.
Shortlisted stories for 2017 are: "Murmur" by Will Eaves; "The Waken" by Jenni Fagan; "The Edge of the Shoal" by Cynan Jones; "The Collector" by Benjamin Markovits; and "If a book is locked there's probably a good reason for that, don't you think?" by Helen Oyeyemi.
Will that extend to a welcome back for Gaunty, who is not to everyone's taste but can be guaranteed to provide the bite that might waken a ratings slumber?
When are we going to waken up to the fact that we as a nation have the answer in our own hands?
Plus there's the best winter florals on the high street and we show you how to waken up skin in an instant.
Summary: "When the inmates are waken up by 5 am, how could he commit suicide early in the morning," asked the father.
We are all living under a magic spell, and I am not sure that we will all be happy to waken up to reality, when we are kissed.
* Steve Waken, assistant vice president, corporate business continuity planning, AT&T (www.att.com)
Fitting and beautiful - and also a wonderful message to waken to each day.
Whitley confessed: "I felt so sorry for George Best, but even when I saw the pictures of him in his final days, it didn't waken me up to what I was doing.
A Waken Films release of a Waken Films and Waken.com production.
They waken to find themselves inside a "game" where Goth is popular while Barbies are the minority and looked down upon.
My fear is that Dean is the Japanese at Pearl Harbor--that we'll waken the sleeping Republican giant.