wake up

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wake (someone or an animal) up

to cause someone or an animal to awaken. Please don't wake me up until noon. Wake up your brother at noon.
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wake someone up (to something)

to cause someone to become alert and pay attention. (Does not refer to someone actually asleep.) We tried to wake them up to the dangers. Try to wake up the students to their responsibilities.
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wake up

to awaken; to become alert. Wake up! We have to get on the road. It's time to wake up!
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wake up

1. To rouse someone or something from sleep; awaken someone or something: Be quiet, or you will wake up the baby. The alarm woke me up.
2. To become awake; waken: I plan to wake up early tomorrow.
3. To make someone alert or cognizant: The coffee woke me up. The shocking revelations finally woke up the citizens.
4. wake up to To become alert or cognizant of something: We suddenly woke up to the fact that the family business was failing.
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The man leaves my aunt's room and tries to sneak out, but he trips over the children and they wake up.
Today's women are more sophisticated; they like a little bite with their advice", said Alison Chase, Creator and Host of Wake Up To A Break Up.
Think about this: I wake up and pop four extra-strength Tylenol, put (icy hot ointment) on my back, and then go run.
Love Bug was just one more wake up call that corporations, governments, educational institutions and individuals must collaborate to get out in front of the next intrusion, virus or threat.
It's not uncommon for them to be in a state where they're not going to wake up.
Maybe Schoeneweis is afraid this is a dream, and he doesn't want to wake up.
It's time for the public to wake up and come to the rescue.
probably with a groan, so that we could wake up at 5 or 6 a.