wake the dead

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wake the dead

To be extremely noisy and disruptive. Would you two be quiet—you'll wake the dead! Having so many kids running around screaming all at once, it was loud enough to wake the dead!
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wake the dead

Fig. to be so loud as to wake those who are "sleeping" the most soundly: the dead. You are making enough noise to wake the dead. Stop hollering! You'll wake the dead!
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wake the ˈdead

(of a noise) be very loud: He must have heard it — that doorbell’s loud enough to wake the dead.
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wake the dead, to

Very loud. This hyperbole has been around for ages. John Woodcock Graves used it in his poem “John Peel” (ca. 1820), which later became a popular folk song: “’Twas the sound of his horn called me from my bed . . . For Peel’s view-hollo would waken the dead, Or a fox from his lair in the morning.”
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References in classic literature ?
There was, of course, a good deal of noise - running about, the, shouts of the sailors, the thrashing of the sails - enough, in fact, to wake the dead. But S- never came on deck.
"There was Peg Barney sittin' on the groun' in his shirt - wan shoe off an' wan shoe on - whackin' a tent-peg over the head wid his boot, an' singin' fit to wake the dead. 'Twas no clane song that he sung, though.
I'll wake the dead! Stop where you are, or I'll make shrieks enough to wake the dead!'
Now the sound of heavy guns Rumble inside his head And the screaming 'whizz-bangs' Enough to wake the dead.
A BONE-crunching, nerve-jangling tune that could wake the dead. Back in 2008 and named Santogold, American Santi White gave us the ubercatchy L.E.S Artistes.
It's enough to wake the dead or at least the sleeping.
Too much coffee not only makes sleeping difficult but can appear to wake the dead.
We wake the dead in dimly lit, carpeted rooms that are sometimes ridiculously called "salons." We drain bodies of every biological fluid, color death away with paint, and then refuse to touch them.
Sam finally tells her mum who really killed Den and, as Peggy leaps out of the taxi at the cemetery, that screech would wake the dead: "Chrissie Watts!
Then there's that bloke who loves to dismantle his car in the gutter while playing his radio loud enough to wake the dead.
Ned Reiter is so confident about his herbal brew he has called it Lazarus because it can "wake the dead".
"It's omnipotent, omnipresent, timeless; it can work miracles and wake the dead, cure the sick, make happy endings, judge and punish.
The first series of the Golden Globenominated series about a pie shop owner with an ability to wake the dead. So, a bit like having student neighbours then.
You'd have thought she would have made enough noise to wake the dead. But I heard nothing."