wake from

wake (up) from (something)

1. To regain consciousness from some sleep or sleep-like state. The ancient wizard woke from his 500-year slumber. There is still a chance he could wake up from his coma, but it seems less likely every day. I've been waking from the most horrible nightmares drenched in sweat each night.
2. To rouse or awaken someone from some sleep or sleep-like state. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used after "wake." A huge crash woke us from our sleep in the middle of the night. Please wake me up from my nap at noon.
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wake (up) from something

to awaken from something, such as a sound sleep, sleep, dreams, etc. She woke up from a deep sleep. Elaine woke from her dreams with a start.
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wake someone (up) from something

to awaken someone from something, such as a sound sleep, a nap, dreams, etc. Henry woke Fred up from his dreams. He woke up Fred from a deep sleep.
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The study concentrated on analysis of wake from conventional ferries in the Tallinn Bay area, in particular the ferries Star and Superstar (described in [17]), which are known to be responsible for some of the largest wave loads on the coast [19].
3c,d) corresponds to the ferry Star, arriving at about 900 s, and another wake from an unknown ship arriving at 1200 s.
The wake from the Star (1 July, 10:30) probably provided more reliable results than the wake from the Superstar (2 July, 07:30), as the former was recorded at a time when there were less small-scale local variations associated with wind-generated waves.
The wake from the Superstar shows a similar reduction in divergent waves, whereas the contribution from the transverse waves was conserved from TPL-1 to TPL-2 (at about 3.9 x [10.sup.3] J x s/[m.sup.2]).
When matched against the wake from an average jet transport, a 737 for example, a Cessna 172 is hopelessly at risk.
Wake from even a "single-engine" airplane is dangerous if you pass directly through its wake because you're not authorized to land short.