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He said: "People need to know what it is like to wait two or three years for treatment.
In addition, health boards have action plans in place to reduce long waits, and earlier this month, the Health Secretary announced an extra PS50m to help the NHS further improve waiting times.
To wait in this manner is to live radically attuned to a will and a purpose other than our own; it is to relinquish control over the future in order to let God set the parameters and plot the course.
In October, the provincial government announced a $155-million, five-point plan to improve access to quality care and reduce wait times in key health-service areas.
Recorded in his bathroom at home, Waits denied that these tracks were created on the toilet, but that "It's an excellent sounding room; the configuration of the tiles and the architecture.
Outpatients are having to wait longer too, with the average wait time now 59 days, compared to 55 days in December.
He added: "These figures provide further signs of progress towards achieving the important milestone of a maximum wait of 15 months by the end of March 2002.
Waits argues that this shift problematized gift giving, for it seemed to contaminate what was supposed to be a spontaneous outpouring of personal warmth and regard with the cold, impersonal values of the market.
Our survey, which asked specialists about some 50 operations and which measured waits for hospital admissions and appointments with specialists, indicates that people are waiting a significant amount of time.
Other statistics on waiting times for NHS services, such as referral to treatment times and waits for diagnostic and therapy services are not affected by the proposals.
A strictly-enforced government target ensures practically all English patients wait less than six months for an o p e ra t i o n .
The long waits for hospital treatment have reached a new record low, the latest NHS figures revealed today.
Waits, of course, can be inevitable everywhere - even when doctors try hard not to overbook.
Washington-Dulles, Denver and Los Angeles are among the airports with the longest security wait times, while Singapore, London-Gatwick and Sydney have some of the shortest waits.
Waiting times remain much longer in South Wales than in North Wales, says the Audit Committee report - a follow-up to a highly-critical report from the same committee in 2005, which said waits were far too long.