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I waited for this vacation for almost two years, as I immediately went to law school after graduation.
In Lothian, 1682 patents waited more than four hours and 50 waited more than 12 hours.
But the NHS Information and Statistics Division calculated last December that 3382 people had waited more than 12 months for treatment.
The average times waited per person in this study were one-third higher than those found in the 1991 study.
When rewards were hidden from view, children waited longer on average than when rewards were in plain sight.
At Heart of England, one in 10 people aged 90 and over (9.8 per cent) waited longer than 12 hours from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer in 2017/18, compared to no one aged under 10.
Yet figures for June show 10,123 patients had waited longer than this.
Only five patients waited more than 22 weeks to receive their treatment.
"A decade ago 2,400 local people waited more than 13 weeks for their first outpatient appointment with a hospital consultant and 597 waited six to eight months for non-urgent inpatient treatment.
During the four weeks prior to Christmas, we light the candles of our Advent wreaths and put ourselves in the spiritual space of the Israelite people who, through many long centuries, waited for the coming of the Messiah ("How long, O Lord?").
In-patients waited 40 days on average from when they saw a specialist to the timethey received treatment.
The figure is an increase on the October figure of 12,281 and also tops a previous high in August, when 13,147 patients waited 36 weeks or longer.
In 1998 25 per cent waited longer than the recommended maximum, rising to 60 per cent in 2003.
``Last month no patient in Wales had waited more than 12 months for cardiac surgery.
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