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Like my father waiting for his dispensation, one candidate waited for the clearing of their name.
The people of Israel were miraculously delivered from slavery in Egypt, led across the Red Sea by the mighty hand of Moses--and then they waited.
The average times waited per person in this study were one-third higher than those found in the 1991 study.
That is why we re-focused NHS Scotland on reducing waiting times rather than waiting lists, targeting in particular those at the end of the queue who have waited longest.
But three cheers also for Evelyn, who waited for him, not giving up hope even when there appeared to be none, not settling for less than happiness, believing in love in the midst of loneliness.
Around 800 of these patients have been treated in English hospitals after they waited than a year and a half for an operation at their local hospital.
In Glendale, customers waited elbow to elbow, craning their necks to see whether their number was finally up.
And no patient has waited longer than 12 months for in-patient and day case treatment, in line with the Patients' Charter.
In North Wales, the figure was 35,657, of which 1,224 waited more than 12 months.
A total of 67,800 patients are waiting to be admitted to hospital for treatment and of these 53,000 have waited less than six months.
The number of patients waiting more than 12 months for inpatient treatment rose by 235 to 12,066 over the month, while 5,453 had waited more than 18 months, an increase of 215.
Ms Hutt said: "Today no-one has waited more than 12 months for heart surgery.
Officials said some students waited up to two hours for a bus.
She said the time people waited for treatment was more important than the number on the list.