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Summary: The real estate and construction sectors were under pressure in 2015, witnessing net contractions in major aggregates, namely property transactions, deliveries of cement and construction permits within the context of the wait-and-see attitude characterizing investment in the country and leading to a delay in major investment decisions in an environment of political uncertainties.
Furthermore, panel prices began to fall in April, therefore, before the price turning point is confirmed, brand vendors would maintain a wait-and-see attitude toward demand.
Meanwhile, Rupprecht says, the response from the scientific community has been a mix of admiration, disbelief, and a "wait-and-see attitude." After all, he notes, "this is a sample size of one--over 4,000 years."
Many CPAs practicing in small firms appear to be taking a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to the proposed global credential.
Rather than assume the wait-and-see attitude of his father, he adopted an attitude of attacking his enemies, building Surrey House as a center for the new culture he espoused, and engaged in a "race for the succession" (334).
The skills required now are knowing how to convince sellers to recognize that buyers need an incentive in order to induce them to jump on a property instead of taking a wait-and-see attitude about both prices and interest rates."
Steven Sims, vice president of the National Minority Supplier Development Council's government relations office, is among those taking a wait-and-see attitude following the announcement.
"These findings suggest a wait-and-see attitude," said Susan L.
CPAs may, however, confront clients who have adopted passive, wait-and-see attitudes toward their companies' situations.