wait turn

wait one's turn

Fig. to keep from doing something until everyone ahead of you has done it. You can't cross the intersection yet. You must wait your turn. I can't wait my turn. I'm in a tremendous hurry.
See also: turn, wait
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But Real are instead prepared to wait TURN TO PAGE 57 FROM BACK PAGE until after the World Cup and Perez (above) said teasingly: "We are not thinking about a move for Aguero - at the moment.
Although Campbell joined Newcastle on the pretext that he will play plenty of first-team football, he may have to wait Turn to Page 56
For their families, life can be a desperate and unbearable struggle, as the agonising wait turns into months and years.
Schools can wait three months to repair a leaky roof if they know that at some point it will be fixed, but when that wait turns into six months, then 12 months or more the delays become intolerable.
As a result, if a request is made on a Thursday or Friday, because of the weekend, this 48-hour wait turns into four days--in which time a patient's eyesight could deteriorate beyond repair, she warned.
Photo: (1 -- color in Simi edition only) Kids wait turns Sunday to try out for teams in the Simi Valley Little League.