wait turn

wait (one's) turn

To remain in patient expectation for one's designated time or place in a sequence (to do something). Now, now, kids—no pushing! Everyone must wait their turn! I've been waiting my turn for a promotion for years, but I'm starting to suspect that it may never come. You'll have to wait your turn to speak with the manager.
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wait one's turn

Fig. to keep from doing something until everyone ahead of you has done it. You can't cross the intersection yet. You must wait your turn. I can't wait my turn. I'm in a tremendous hurry.
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However, the simplified Chinese character version of the sign would read (wait turn area), but the sign actually was closer to the Japanese Kanji.
But Real are instead prepared to wait TURN TO PAGE 57 FROM BACK PAGE until after the World Cup and Perez (above) said teasingly: "We are not thinking about a move for Aguero - at the moment.
Although Campbell joined Newcastle on the pretext that he will play plenty of first-team football, he may have to wait Turn to Page 56
'Because of this clown, a five-minute wait turns into 40 minutes,' stresses Sabir Lala.
The wait turned days into months and now it's been full five years.
But the wait turned into THREE YEARS because the landlord ended up letting the house to someone else by mistake.
For their families, life can be a desperate and unbearable struggle, as the agonising wait turns into months and years.
Schools can wait three months to repair a leaky roof if they know that at some point it will be fixed, but when that wait turns into six months, then 12 months or more the delays become intolerable.
In 2006, I received an e-mail from Canada North with some welcome news--a hunter had cancelled and my four-year wait turned into only three years.
But, she added, the wait turned out to be worth it.
The wait turned out to be much longer than anticipated, however, because in March 2007 he suffered a cracked pelvis and did not return to action until his second season was nearly over, and then - in a competitive conditions event at York - his extended absence and need of experience clearly showed.
As the five-minute wait turned into 10 minutes, she saw several other customers enter, conduct various teller transactions and exit.
As a result, if a request is made on a Thursday or Friday, because of the weekend, this 48-hour wait turns into four days--in which time a patient's eyesight could deteriorate beyond repair, she warned.
AN AGONISING three-week wait turned into celebration time for Wellington, who were crowned Wirral Sunday League Division One champions at the weekend without having to kick a ball.