wait tables

wait (on) tables

To serve food and drinks to patrons in a restaurant or similar establishment, as of a waiter or waitress. Until I got my first big TV role, I waited tables at a diner.
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wait (on) tables

Fig. to serve food and tend diners, as at a restaurant. I waited on tables for years to pay my college tuition.
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wait (on) ˈtables

(American English) work serving food to people in a restaurant: I wait on tables at a restaurant near my apartment.She worked her way through college waiting tables.
See also: table, wait
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I didn't wait tables. I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's wedding," she explained.
More than 70 members and friends of the church have signed up to prepare, clean and serve, while students in First Congregational Church's middle and high school youth groups have volunteered to wait tables.
"Did you come out here to wait tables?" "I came out here to get away from my boyfriend," she said.
Kids whose good nature gets abused as they wait tables for next to nothing or work permanent early turns in a shop.
Classic dishes like forshmak and tzimmes can still be found on the menus of most upscale restaurants, even those where the young servers who wait tables have no idea about their Jewish provenance.
Rather than wait tables, struggling actor Jason Lassen opted to perform at children's birthday parties and quickly found out how competitive and political they are.
These are the people who clean houses, tend gardens, wait tables and look after the children of professionals so they can go out and earn high incomes.
Madison native Laurel Donahoo says her career as a designer started as a hobby and way to make a little extra cash in college without having to wait tables.
I have been known to wait tables in my shop in New York when it's necessary.
"They would wait tables at first, then they would start entertaining guests at the table.
Cardle, 27, used to wait tables and perform with his band - Ali McMillan and Richard Grace - at the Halstead drinking spot, months before he applied to the ITV1 talent contest.
From the September issue: Actors who wait tables are ubiquitous in New York, but Broadway dancers who double as real estate agents?
Better still, if only Bahrainis learn to raise their own children, nurse their own sick, wait tables, wash their own cars and windows of their buildings, build their own roads, bridges, buildings, homes, gardens and farms, run their own businesses and firms and maintain their infrastructure, there will be less unemployment, crime or riots.
I wait tables because I like it and as long as I can remain good at it, I'll do it."