wait on hand and foot, to

wait on (one) hand and foot

To dote on one and do everything that one wants. I don't know if Tom's relationship with Jeremy is healthy. It seems like he's always waiting on him hand and foot. I hate the way Terrence waits on the boss hand and foot—what a toady!
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wait on someone hand and foot

Fig. to serve someone very well, attending to all personal needs. I don't mind bringing you your coffee, but I don't intend to wait on you hand and foot. I don't want anyone to wait on me hand and foot. I can take care of myself.
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wait on hand and foot

Do everything for someone, serve someone's every need, as in Her mother has always waited on her hand and foot. [First half of 1300s]
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wait on hand and foot, to

To serve someone’s every need, to attend assiduously. This expression is very old indeed; a manuscript of ca. 1330 states “Sche . . . servede hem hande and fete.” In The Perfect Woman (1955) L. P. Hartley wrote, “He has everything he wants and servants who wait on him hand and foot.”
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