wait at

wait at (something or some place)

1. To remain at something or some location without moving or taking further action. I'll wait at the car while you go ring the doorbell. Tom is waiting at the train station for us to come pick him up.
2. To work as a waiter or waitress at some place. I worked my way through college waiting at various different bars and restaurants. You've been waiting at the same burger joint for nearly five years now. Don't you want something more out of life?
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wait at something (for someone or something)

to stay at something or some place until something happens or someone or something arrives. Wait at the door for me. I waited at the office for your call.
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"I suppose you have not forgotten how to wait at table, and clean plate, and the rest of it, in that time?"
'As part of this initiative patients who were facing a long wait at their local hospital were offered treatment at an alternative hospital - and many took advantage of this opportunity.
at Abergavenny's Nevill Hall, patients with back pain wait at least 22 weeks to be seen - but if they're sent to Llandough by their GP they'll be waiting more than two years patients waiting for knee replacement operations in North Wales have to wait more than two years for their first outpatient appointment - but if you live in Gwent you could be waiting for up to three-anda-half years patients needing brain surgery could be seen in as little time as nine weeks if they're with Bro Taf Health Authority, but if they're with Iechyd Morgannwg they'll be waiting at least 39 weeks.