wait a minute/moment/second

wait a minute

To stop or pause briefly. This phrase is usually used to initiate an interruption. Wait a minute, I'm confused. What exactly happened when you went to the mall? Now wait a minute! I did nothing wrong, and I won't stand to hear such nasty accusations! I think we should wait a minute before we start, just to see if anyone else shows up.
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wait a second

1. To wait or pause for a moment. Often used as an imperative. Can you please wait a second so I can tie my shoe? We waited a second before turning the water back on.
2. A phrase spoken when one has a realization about something they had not thought of until that moment. Wait a second, Jeff said he was driving here, but his car is in the shop. He must have forgotten. Wait a second... these aren't bananas, they're plantains!
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wait a minute

1. Stop, I want to say something, as in Wait a minute-he wasn't there yesterday.
2. What a surprise, as in Wait a minute! It was you who called the police? For a similar phrase, see hold everything.
See also: minute, wait
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wait a ˈminute/ˈmoment/ˈsecond

1 wait for a short time: Can you wait a second while I make a call?
2 used when you have just noticed or remembered something, or had a sudden idea: Wait a minute — this isn’t the right key.
See also: minute, moment, second, wait
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