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(as) artful as a wagonload of monkeys

Impish or mischievous. ("Cartload" can be used instead of "wagonload.") Primarily heard in UK. Don't let those boys sit together—they're as artful as a wagonload of monkeys.
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(as) clever as a wagonload of monkeys

Impish or mischievous. ("Cartload" can be used instead of "wagonload.") Primarily heard in UK. Don't let those boys sit together—they're as clever as a wagonload of monkeys.
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as artful (or clever) as a wagonload (or cartload) of monkeys

extremely clever or mischievous. British informal
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Ed Gamble Ed's stand-up show promises to contain a wagonload of misguided opinions and wild conjecture.
Halfway up the hill, he passed Fleager on his route, skinny shoulders hunched, hauling his wagonload of papers.
On one occasion when he was at camp, one of the farmers had a wagonload of peaches, and he went down to the wharf to have these peaches sent over to Toronto, but he just missed the ferry.
Taylor has won the British Jazz Awards Best Guitarist category 14 times - and a wagonload of other accolades, too - but his influence extends way beyond those confines, as the list above would attest.
Once Blandina rescued a wagonload of schoolgirls after the horses ran wild.
Suddenly, with the endgame in sight, this smouldering neverendum has ignited like a wagonload of dynamite.
The document argues thatasingle wagonload rail freight would be affected worst, due to its high share of fixed costs, with up to 35% of rail freight shifting back to road.
Sender and Clausen [10] presented a network model of wagonload traffic, which aimed to determine the hub location and size considering total cost and efficiency of the network system.
They say studies conducted for the rail sector conclude that the wider use of megatrucks will undermine the business of rail freight in many areas, especially in single wagonload freight.
(The manure pile first appeared to me as a wagonload of straw on the periphery of a vineyard: Schonbrunn-palace-yellow, was my immediate reaction.
The people's greed drove them to basically raze the riverbed in order to catch every fish they could, not because they needed them for food, but because could carry them by the wagonload in order to sell them and make easy money.
The biggest tillers can power log splitters, pull a wagonload of rocks or clear snow from a driveway.
Father Christmas?" It must be said that anyone getting sartorial advice from Mick is in serious bother, as the great man occasionally looks as if he has dropped off a wagonload of carrots on his way in from Sheriff Hutton.
For instance, seven leading European rail freight operators recently initiated a cooperation to strengthen their wagonload services in Europe in order to operate 450 routes by the end of 2011 (Transportweekly 2011).