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freeze someone's wages

Fig. to hold someone's pay at its current level. The company froze everyone's wages as soon as the economy went sour.
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The wages of sin is death.

Prov. Doing bad things can get you in a lot of trouble. Serves him right. I always said, "The wages of sin is death."
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wage something against someone or something

to carry on something against someone or a group. They waged war against the aggressors. Are you still waging your battle against your father?
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wages of sin, the

The results or consequences of evildoing, as in She ate all of the strawberries and ended up with a terrible stomachache-the wages of sin, no doubt . This expression comes from the New Testament, where Paul writes to the Romans (6:23): "The wages of sin is death." Today it is often used more lightly, as in the example.
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Labor in all these countries has spent it wages, and cannot buy any of the surpluses.
We found that labor could buy back with its wages only so much of the product, and that capital did not consume all of the remainder of the product.
Leaders in two major Texas cities and two large counties will vote soon on raising minimum wages for public employees and, in some cases, for employees of private companies that contract or receive financial incentives from local governments.
We use it to decompose the change in wages between years into two parts.
Recently, community advocates, low-wage workers, and business leaders around the commonwealth and across the country recognized the "National Day of Action to Raise Up America'' to observe that four years have gone by since the federal minimum wage has gone up.
Suppose, for instance, that 10 potential hires have reservation wages below $5 and another candidate has a S6 reservation wage.
The fact is that poor Americans are not willing to work for depressed wages when state-sponsored welfare is readily available.
Six states adjust minimum wages according to cost-of-living expenses.
NEWS FACT: Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to make increasing the federal [national] minimum wage a top priority.
United States, 84 FSupp2d 1043, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals held that amounts received by tenured professors who relinquished their tenure rights under an early retirement program were not FICA wages.
Congress demonstrated that it has no intention of raising the minimum wage from $5.
Ross defines sweatshops as places that have some or all the following characteristics: they fail to pay minimum wages, have long hours not remunerated with premium pay, employ child labor and lack adequate benefits.
50 an hour, Oregon has one of the high- est minimum wages in the nation.
199-2(a)(2) allows taxpayers to take into account amounts paid by and reported on Forms W-2 issued by other parties, provided the reported wages were paid to common-law employees.