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Summary: The point is to get started and not waffle around waiting for an opportune time
Hopefully, Davidson is smart enough to realise that being able to waffle around a question on Good Morning Scotland is not politics, it's PR.
So on the one hand he finds the opening chapter of The Lord of the Rings a bit "twee" and has practical criticisms to make of some aspects of the plot, but on the other he doesn't waffle around in ignorance.
Gone was all the waffle around who was presenting and other long-winded intros, various delays to drag further reluctant guests up/take pics/make tearful speeches.
"We just can't waffle around; we have to be fully engaged and we need to have answers quickly," Mr.
They rarely get to the heart of the matter but just waffle around on the outside, wasting pounds 80m a year of public money in the meantime.
There's so much waffle around this subject - if I kill a burglar with a kitchen knife, the chances are I will not be prosecuted.