wade across

wade across something

to walk across something covered by water. Let's wade across the stream at this point. If I wade across it, I will get wet.
See also: across, wade
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Whether you're an elite athlete or just beginning the challenge, you'll conquer 12 world-class obstacles like Goliath and Great Warrior Wall, wade across wooded lakes, and venture through mud-caked backroads as you make your loop to the finish line.
The episode left the couple, for whom the track is the only vehicular access to and from their farm, unable to make car journeys in or out for a day, with the wife having to don wellies to wade across a stream and making her late for work as a result.
I have been on the trail in all seasons: in the winter, when I can see 50 miles from exposed ridgelines as the ten-degree wind blows; in spring, when I have to wade across frigid, overflowing streams; in summer, when I once happened upon a black bear dining on raspberry brambles; and in autumn, when I can hear the distant rumble of tourists on the nearby Skyline Drive speeding from one overlook to the next, taking pictures of the changing leaves.
The force of the torrent was so strong that it was extremely difficult to stand up or wade across the road.
THESE shocking pictures show the moment a group of people risked their lives attempting to wade across the causeway at a Tyneside lighthouse during high tide.
When our trail crosses a stream or river that has no bridge, we take off our hiking boots, roll up our pant legs, and wade across the cold water.
The pair had been trying to wade across from Sully Island but landed themselves in difficulty.
Bizarrely, the girls aged 12 and 13 had tried to wade across the flood-swollen river.
The only bridge linking Abutuo and Zhalahe villages in Mengla county to outside the area was destroyed by flood water, leaving local villagers with no other options but to wade across the river, according to state media.
As you wade across its warm pools you'll come across little hot spots while on the volcanic edges, buckets of natural exfoliates are great for treating all manner of skin conditions.
To get to the cocoa and fruit farm, Archbishop Fred Hiltz has to wade across a river.
These children like all the other residents of their village Jathana used to wade across the river daily to reach their school.
The creek normally ran too deep to wade across, keeping Larry and his group on their side of the creek and the public land hunters on their side.
CHARLTON - Would you wade across a creek if 21 Alaskan brown bears were fishing for salmon 20 feet away?
I waded until I came to the final channel I could not wade across, just north of the inlet.