wade across

wade across something

to walk across something covered by water. Let's wade across the stream at this point. If I wade across it, I will get wet.
See also: across, wade
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Two brigade members used inwater rescue equipment to wade across to St Mary's Island, which lies off the North Tyneside coast at Whitley Bay to reach the party.
Last night, the Coastguard warned people not to wade across the river to get access to the beach.
While his men crossed the Irish Sea in ships, the giant king was able to wade across due to his stature.
Change is often unsettling and even in change we are often left seeking frantically for a piece of familiarity that we can grab on to while we wade across the new and unfamiliar waters.
"Because of the bridge constructed on this road, the farmers and the residents don't have to wade across the river anymore in crossing Barangay Bangon," Enciso said.
When you wade across the river you only have to worry about swimming if a current pulls you under, not the red glare ol night vision goggles, flood lights, & guns that would kill you without ever asking your name.
Vandals wade across lake to kill ducks in Kirklees park I've just read this and my eyes are full of tears.
Palestinians mourned Thursday the death of Ishaq Hassan, who was killed as he tried to wade across the Egyptian-Palestinian boarder into Egypt last week, shot allegedly by the Egyptian coast guard,.
I have been on the trail in all seasons: in the winter, when I can see 50 miles from exposed ridgelines as the ten-degree wind blows; in spring, when I have to wade across frigid, overflowing streams; in summer, when I once happened upon a black bear dining on raspberry brambles; and in autumn, when I can hear the distant rumble of tourists on the nearby Skyline Drive speeding from one overlook to the next, taking pictures of the changing leaves.
The force of the torrent was so strong that it was extremely difficult to stand up or wade across the road.
The pair had been trying to wade across from Sully Island but landed themselves in difficulty.
The only bridge linking Abutuo and Zhalahe villages in Mengla county to outside the area was destroyed by flood water, leaving local villagers with no other options but to wade across the river, according to state media.
As you wade across its warm pools you'll come across little hot spots while on the volcanic edges, buckets of natural exfoliates are great for treating all manner of skin conditions.
To get to the cocoa and fruit farm, Archbishop Fred Hiltz has to wade across a river.