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blow (one's) wad

1. To lose or spend all of one's money. My Las Vegas trip was short lived—I blew my wad at the poker table in the first two hours! Here's $20 for the weekend, don't blow your whole wad tonight.
2. vulgar slang Of a man, to ejaculate semen during an orgasm.
3. To lose control of one's composure, temper, patience, or nerve in a given situation. A reference to premature ejaculation, it is usually used in the negative. Don't blow your wad, we'll get there soon. The game is in 30 minutes. I know you're nervous, but stay sharp, don't blow your wad now.
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rude slang A male who is stupid, foolish, or inept. Of course Stan blew the big game—what a dickwad.


One who is stupid or irritating, Geez, he keeps pulling on a door that's clearly marked "push"—what a dipwad.

get (one's) panties in a wad

slang To become overly upset or emotional over something, especially that which is trivial or unimportant. Ah, don't get your panties in a wad, I'll have the car back by tomorrow morning! In my opinion, people are getting their panties in a wad over this election.
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shoot (one's) wad

1. slang To lose or spend all of one's money. My Las Vegas trip was short lived—I shot my wad at the poker table in the first two hours! Here's $20 for the weekend, don't shoot your whole wad tonight.
2. vulgar slang Of a male, to ejaculate semen during an orgasm.
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slang A very stingy or miserly person. Sorry for being such a tightwad. I just have to be very careful with my money until I get my next paycheck. Maybe if the boss weren't a huge tightwad we could actually work with modern software for a change.

wad up

To crumple something into a small lump or ball (i.e., a "wad"). A noun or pronoun can be used between "wad" and "up." My heart sank when I saw him wad the note up and toss it on the ground. Don't just wad up your papers and stuff them in your bag—put them in a folder or something, for crying out loud!
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1. slang A large amount or quantity, especially of money. I couldn't believe the wad of cash I got for selling my old PC. Who knew it was worth so much? My Las Vegas trip was short-lived—I blew my wad at the poker table in the first two hours!
2. vulgar slang An ejaculation of semen.


An acronym for "works/working as designed." Used primarily in reference to computer software and programming. We've looked into the user error reports, but as far as we can see the app is WAD. The game's designers implemented a patch to balance the combat, but it definitely does not WAD.
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shoot one's wad

Sl. to spend all or nearly all one's cash on hand. I shot my wad on junk food. I can't afford a cab. I shot my wad at the restaurant.
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shoot one's bolt

Also, shoot one's wad. Do all within one's power; exhaust one's resources or capabilities. For example, They were asking for more ideas but Bob had shot his bolt and couldn't come up with any , or Don't shoot your wad with that article or you won't have any material for the sequels. The first expression comes from archery and referred to using up all of one's bolts (short, heavy arrows fired with a crossbow); it was a proverb by the 1200s. The colloquial variant, dating from about 1900, comes from gambling and refers to spending all of a wad of rolled-up banknotes. Also see shoot the works.
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shoot your wad

If someone shoots their wad, they use all their effort or money for something, so that they have no energy or money left. He gave the impression of a man who shot his wad too early, and was left with only a reputation and some memories. The team seems to have shot its wad earlier in the season.
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wad up

To crumple or compress something into a wad: I wadded up the piece of paper and threw it in the trash. The janitor wadded the tissues up and threw them away.
See also: up, wad
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n. a stupid and ineffective male. (Possibly a reference to semen, see wad (sense 2).) What a dickwad! Beat it!


n. a jerk; a nerd. (Euphemistic for dipshit.) If you weren’t a big dipwad, you would give me a hand with this.

shoot one’s wad

tv. to spend or use everything. I can’t afford a cab. I shot my wad at the restaurant.
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tight wad

n. a stingy person; a miser. (see also wad.) There’s no need to be such a tight wad.
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1. (wɑd) n. a bundle of money; a bankroll. (see also tight wad.) I lost my wad on a rotten horse in the seventh race.
2. n. a gob of semen. He called the wad a cumquat and thought he’d made a joke.
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shoot (one's) wad

1. Slang
a. To spend all of one's cash.
b. To use up all of one's energy or resources.
2. Vulgar Slang To ejaculate.
See also: shoot, wad
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