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slang Silly, eccentric, erratic, or unpredictable. A lot of people love their wacky sense of humor, but it's a bit too weird for my tastes. She's got a reputation for being wacky, but she's actually a very intelligent and profound person to talk to one on one.


slang Marijuana. ("Tobacky" is a play on "tobacco," referring to the way marijuana is usually rolled up and smoked like a cigarette.) I could tell from his red eyes and goofy behavior that he had been smoking the wacky-tobacky again. I got some wacky-tobacky from my brother's friend. Wanna come smoke up with me later?
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mod. loony; silly and giddy. You are about the wackiest guy I ever met.


n. marijuana. (Collegiate.) He gets that silly look in his eye from smoking “wacky-tabbacky.”
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