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culture vulture

Someone who has an avid interest in the arts. Helen is quite the culture vulture. She attends the theater at least once a month.
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the vultures are circling

Someone or something is facing imminent difficulty, failure, or ruin. The vultures have been circling for so long that I don't really remember what it's like to not be on the verge of bankruptcy. As the economy continues to struggle, the vultures are circling for many small businesses around the country. Many sports pundits believe the vultures are circling for the team's beleaguered head coach.
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culture vulture

someone whom one considers to be excessively interested in the (classical) arts. She won't go to a funny film. She's a real culture vulture. They watch only highbrow television. They're culture vultures.
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culture vulture

An individual with a consuming or excessive interest in the arts. For example, A relentless culture vulture, she dragged her children to every museum in town. This slangy term may have been originated by Ogden Nash, who wrote: "There is a vulture Who circles above The carcass of culture" ( Free Wheeling, 1931). [1940s]
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culture vulture

a person who is very interested in the arts, especially to an obsessive degree.
The image of a vulture here is of a greedy and often undiscriminating eater.
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1. n. an avid supporter of the arts. Many culture-vultures seem to be long on enthusiasm and short on taste.
2. n. someone who exploits the arts for monetary gain. Some culture-vultures are throwing a wine and cheese party on behalf of some of the young dolts they have grubstaked.
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Three young Egyptian vultures, raised in zoos in Zlin, Schonbrunn and Jerez, were released to the Eastern Rhodopes on Thursday, the press office of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds announced.
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The total population of the white-rumped vulture in suitable habitats across Bangladesh shows that vulture population drastically declined from an estimated 1972 in 2008-2009 to only 816 in 2011-2012.
According to him, all vultures had fed on a poisoned spotted hyena at the periphery of the Reserve.
A biology team from the University of Barcelona (UB) has marked a number of Egyptian vultures with GPS emitters in order to conduct tracking of their movements, their use of space, and the migration process.
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LAHORE:Keeping in view the success of World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan's (WWF-P) restoration project for the population of the Oriental white-backed vulture, also known as the white-rumped vulture, Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department is all set to launch a captive breeding programme, which it hopes, will contribute to the recovery of the iconic birds, said project director Hassan Ali Sukhera on Friday.
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