vouch for (someone or something)

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vouch for (someone or something)

1. To state one's personal confidence in someone or something as reliable, effective, etc.; to personally guarantee someone or something. I can't believe you fell asleep on the job even after I vouched for you! I drove one of these for 20 years, so I can definitely vouch for its dependability.
2. To act as evidence supporting something. Your long list of published works certainly vouches for your expertise in the field.
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vouch for someone or something

to support or back someone or something; to endorse someone or something. I can vouch for Tom. Irene will vouch for my honesty.
See also: vouch

vouch for

1. To give personal assurances of something or someone; give a guarantee of something or someone: I can't vouch for that company's reliability because I've never dealt with them.
2. To constitute supporting evidence for something; give substantiation for something: The candidate's strong record vouches for her ability.
See also: vouch
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BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said that this party is astonished to find Raju, a former Minister of State for Defence, defending and vouching for the former air chief.
And Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern - a Drogheda native - submitted a letter to the court vouching for the club.
One would think that the probability of possible fraud relating to powers of attorney would be greatly diminished when there is an attorney involved in the closing who is willing to put his/her professional license on the line by vouching for the power.
The vouching for the safety of this project by the state Department of Health Services doesn't hold much water either.
Many co-signers think they are simply vouching for the borrower's integrity.